Well, it actually should say “My First Few Years in Business”….

First, I wanna talk about my last year. I won’t take up too much time on it, but I have some important points to share. There were certain beliefs that I had last year, which were really more so excuses than anything. At any rate, they kept me in a stagnant place, which by default, kept me from accomplishing my end of the year goals. The art of goal setting can be wonderful, IF you follow through. 

So, there was a time last year when I thought I needed a certain level of coaching to be successful. I believe that having a coach is a huge plus, but it doesn’t mean you can’t progress if you don’t have one. I think for me, I was just at the point where I had tried so many things, that I just wanted a specific coach, and if I didn’t have her, I didn’t wanna do anything from fear of failing at what I was trying to do. That’s a bunch of bs! Just sayin’. I totally could of took the risk, failed, got back up and done things differently. I had done it a million times. Here’s the deal- I don’t know if it would of worked because I didn’t even try. BOOM! 

What am I saying here?

Try and try again if you cannot afford the coach you want. And keep going until you can afford that coach. 

The next thing I did was try to do what everyone else was doing. No bueno. For what? All I needed to do was stay in my lane and prosper, or at least progress. Everyone around me sounded the same, and I wanted to join in. I felt compelled to join in. But, it wasn’t for me. And after I realized that, this happened….

I owned my shit. I let go of resistance. 


When you realize what you have, nobody can take that away from you. Once I owned it, doors started to open and my business shifted. My focus was on where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing instead of doing what I shine at, right now. 

Carrying on…

When I first started building my online business, I did not know a thing about blogging, marketing, or building relationships. And to top it all off, I was too afraid to use the Open Your Mouth System.  I won’t lie, I’m shy to the fullest, so I had to work on my confidence to make this thing work.

As time went on, the shy thing didn’t bother me too much.  This was only because my “WHY” overpowered the fact of being a shy person which translates to having fear.  Once I got over that dilemma, I refused to let anything hold me back from having an online business.

It’s the same as some of the hottest celebrities you see out there. Michael Jackson was very bashful, but when he was performing on stage, he was a beast and there will never be anyone else like him. They say “eagles fly alone” and that’s how he represented; by having his own style of fashion, music, and impact on the world.

Well, just like that, I wanted to be an eagle. Sure, success follows success, and I wanted it BADLY.  I paid close attention to my mentors so that I could actually see what works and how to do it. And of course, it surely gave me some insight on the type of leader I wanted to be.

Now, I started off getting into different affiliate programs and incentive programs and found that it worked but I still wanted more.  My dreams were so big that I needed something more concrete to press forward and grab what I wanted.  I’m not saying that you can’t build an online business with these programs because you most certainly can.  I’ve failed at some and succeeded in others.  I just wanted bigger commissions, and much more value with it.

The decisions I had to make weren’t hard at all. I knew that I had to make some small changes to stick with it though.  And if you don’t make these same decisions, guess what? You won’t make your dreams come true this year and you won’t get further along than where you are right now. 

Here’s some other things I didn’t do:

1. I didn’t choose the solution as the focal point, just problems

What I learned– You have permission to dream big. You can dream bigger than life itself, but if you don’t know how to overcome obstacles and challenges, then you will end up quitting. Only quitters fail. You will have dilemmas in your online business at first; everybody has. Look at it this way, when you encounter problems, look at them as growth opportunities instead of setbacks.  Being a success magnet ROCKS and nobody wants to be around complainers and excuse-makers.

2. I didn’t choose to be brave and banish fear

What I learned- We all get afraid sometimes but you have to look at fear from different perspective. Fear will talk you out of anything and everything you want or desire if you let it. Switch the channel. As soon as those negative thoughts come and creep up on you, shift your mindset to positive thinking. Don’t feed into the obstacle of fear.

3. I didn’t choose to use my purpose and move forward daily

What I learned- You can’t expect to get rich overnight. Some people will try something for two weeks or less and if it doesn’t work like they expect it to, they jump into something else. What’s that called? Shiny object syndrome (or something like that). I don’t know but it won’t yield any real results. Taking action on a daily basis will get you the results you need for your business to work. Just be consistent and patient. If you need help don’t be afraid to ask. There is so much help out there and YOU should be taking advantage of it. Invest in yourself. Don’t think about how much money you’ll have to spend, think about the return on investment (ROI).

So, if you make up your mind, and don’t make these same mistakes, there’s no way you can fail in your online business.  You may just be starting out, or you may already be established. You might even be thinking about how you should get started and if you can really do it. Well, you can. 

If this post was helpful to you and you think someone else can benefit from this info, please share. If you haven’t started making revenue online, what’s holding you back? I want to hear your thoughts. xx


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