Creating an irresistible opt in offer doesn’t have to be complex. So here’s the deal- we’re going to make this as simple as possible. The first thing you can is go over to Google search and look up a few niche blogs in your niche. Type in the niche word (or keyword) and then the word blog such as “skin care blog” or “outdoor activity blog.”

Then see what (if any) sign up boxes you see on the blog…usually in the top area somewhere. If it’s a professional type of blog, they will definitely have an area for readers to subscribe.


Now, take notice of what you find here. Going through the page 1 SERP (search engine results page) links, you’ll see sign up forms that simply say something like, “sign up for updates” or “sign up for the free newsletter” and then some that provide solutions to the reader’s current issues or problems.

Think about it….

Sometimes you’ll see answers to problems that might take some time to actually see the results vs solutions to problems that will occur within days.

You see, the problem with bland sign up offers is that they don’t present themselves with urgency – and that’s just not enticing enough to get people to give out their details.

So the question is…

What can YOU offer that sets you apart from other entrepreneurs in the same niche? Let’s look at how this can pan out. Remember, in everything you do, do it strategically because then it will make sense and get you the results you want.


1. Find out what your target market needs.

What do they struggle with? One of the worst things you can do is offer your market something they don’t even need. That’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what will stick.

Do your research. Get down and deep with it. You have to get to their pain points, fears, and challenges.

Instead of a report or tip sheet on “How to Keep Your Skin Flawless,” get specific with the concept and call it, “10 Ways to Clear Up Blackheads in 24 Hours.”

Notice how I added some sense of urgency in it.

Try your best to break things down as much as you can. For instance, it’s not enough to offer a report on how to make your first $1k online, but instead, why not offer some ideas on how to make that first $100 today, simply because the $1k might take longer.

Granted, you may not have a list yet, or you may have a really small list. That’s ok. You can still ask a small list what they want, need, or what challenges they might have.

If anything, you can use forums or anywhere your target market hangs out. Think about Facebook groups or places where people would go when they need advice from others in the same industry.

All you would need to do is go to Google search and type in your niche and the word “forum” and you’ll see a number of forums pop up.

So here’s a great example…

I went over to the Skin Care Talk forum and looked up discussions on clear skin.

You don’t really need to go into the threads to get some opt in report ideas for clear skin, but you can if you wanna. Anywho, this is what I came up with as a brainstorm:

►10 Tips for Getting Rid of Child Acne
►How to Treat Dry, Irritated Skin from Acne
►How to Choose the Best Soap for Your Acne Prone Skin
►A Beginner’s Guide to Treating Acne

Additionally, you can visit the comment section of other blogs for ideas. Usually when you see a blog with a thriving community, readers will often comment and discuss their needs – especially if the post doesn’t answer all of their questions.

If you use a keyword tool such as Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner, you will often find more ideas based on what people are searching for on the internet. There are some paid tools out there, but these free options are just as good for this particular use.

If I do a search and type in “acne”, one of the top 10 listings is “acne mask.” When I click on it, it gives me the option to search further on Google, look at the Google Trends for this keyword, and Expand on this Keyword.

When I did a search on Google, I saw opt in offer ideas such as:

►How to make a face mask for acne
►How to prevent acne
►How to get rid of acne

Google Trends gave me nothing.

Expanding on the keyword gave me ideas such as:

►How to make an acne mask at home
►The top 5 best acne masks to buy
►7 ingredients that will kill acne for good


2. Deliver the type of value they would pay money for.

Ideas are pretty easy….

You do a brain dump and that’s it. But, value is where it’s at. Look at it this way- this is your very first impression with a potential new subscriber.

When you put it into perspective, you want to do your best to “WOW” your audience. And to do this, simply start planning your opt in offer as if it’s a paid offer.

Give away something such as a mini course. Something they can access right away, while thinking “I can’t believe she just gave that away!” This does more than just intrigues a new audience – it will have them sharing it too.

Here’s what else- When you finish creating your opt in offer, put a price tag on it. If you want to take it a step further, go ahead and create a salespage where you’re actually selling it for that price.

That way, you can show more value by saying, “Here’s My FREE Gift to You: Get Rid of Acne Now! (Regularly $29)!”

The best thing you can do is give your true expert advice on the issue. While other entrepreneurs are coming up short on information, you are proving yourself to be a valuable resource.

Your subscribers will love you for that and will potentially turn into loyal customers later on.

Look at the bigger picture- It will also help you increase conversions whenever you put a product out in the marketplace. Your community will be thinking, “Wow, if she gives this much value away for FREE, I can’t even imagine what great stuff she’s charging for!”


3. Be one step ahead of the competition

No matter what, you want to be at your best with your business. And this also means being better than the other gal. Stay one step ahead of her AND her offer. This is when you hit the ground running with being an online spy so to speak. Go back to the same steps you did in the beginning, when you were first checking out the offers for your niche.

Keep a list of what offers you find out there.

Here’s what you do: Get on the lists of your competitors. Do this so that you can experience the pros and cons of what they are offering their community. Pay attention to detail. Ask yourself these questions:

How long is it?

Is it detailed and specific? or

Is it generalized?

Is it covering all bases?

How well is it written?

Keep your notes on hand and jot down what you like and dislike.
For instance, if one clear skin expert talks about, “having a clear skin regimen,” but she doesn’t really elaborate on what that means, you make sure you fill in these holes in your opt in offer.

Make your opt in offer longer, meatier, and more informative than the competition. Be very cutting edge with your info.

Here’s what I did…

I went over to Google search and put in the keyword “clear skin” and then clicked on the News tab. Tons of articles came up with up-to-date info on this topic.


What am I saying?

You can find articles to add to your report to provide up-to-date research, whether it be for relief or alerting them about urgent info they should know about. Just credit the source.


4. Offer a variety of deliverable content

Here are some ways you can deliver your offer to your new subbies:


These can be done in a number of ways. Usually it’s a timing slant. So for instance, you could offer:

* 7 Day Raw Diet Challenge
* 14 Day List Building Course
* 30 Days to Your First 100 Subscribers

Short Report

You can create a simple PDF for your readers to download and tear apart. Bonus points if you encourage them to share it with their friends or network.


Set up a membership site for exclusivity. Add some levels to it. One can be Free with the option to upgrade to an Elite or Premium membership.


Some people are busy and prefer to listen while they are doing other things. And some are just not feeling the whole reading thing. So, for those who like to learn on-the-go, you can create an audio or podcast with the same info as if it was text. You can also choose to do an expert interview and give that away as a complimentary gift also.

Video courses are fiyahhh!! No really, they are. It’s more personal and most people are loving it these days as opposed to text and other forms of content. Business owners are getting hip to this for increasing their conversions.
A/B Testing

Whatever route you choose to go for creating an irresistible opt in offer, you must test and tweak it every so often. You can do this by setting up a split test so that you have different offers.

Observe and see what people are liking and what they are not. Test the different formats we discussed for these reasons. Come up with different offers and test those too.

Tweak your copy to say what it is you’re offering them in a different way.

When you see what’s working best, stick with it.-C


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