Even now that with the internet exploding with numerous online marketing programs that bring in an extensive amount of income to many bank accounts, one form of marketing that is still in the running is affiliate marketing.

This business model is still rocking and growing strong. In fact, most online marketers started out doing affiliate marketing due to its simplicity in making a lucrative income.

If you are into affiliate/internet marketing and you’re having success, now is definitely the time to get laser focused on growing your business. Let’s take a look at going to the next level. I’m going to share with you a few ideas on how to actually use affiliate programs to make money and grow your business.


Give out Incentives

If you have already done affiliate marketing, you pretty much know how it works. But if you’ve actually grown into having a business then why not have your own affiliate program and reward affiliates for recruiting?

Consider this: If you have a tiered affiliate program, you can have affiliates selling for you and show appreciation to them by having a rewards program for new top performers. This will have you attracting many affiliates, and more importantly, those who will perform at an exceptional level. All you have to do is make sure you give a good incentive and that should keep everyone on track.


Hire Some Help

If it’s affordable, you can also hire a recruiter to do the work for you. This way, your social networking will be managed without you having to worry about it.

If you do this, make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing or provide training and scripts when needed. They may also have the option of sending an email message about the opportunity, which is a little more personal. I love this as being a great way to connect with top sellers who know and use affiliate programs to make money online.


Do Some Promotions

Using a reverse method can really grow your affiliate program.

This will put a spark in the air for your products/services with your current affiliates. If you’re not going to launch a new product anytime soon, then it would be a good time to have a new promotional offer going on for your affiliates.

Let’s say you normally pay a whooping $10 per sale. Now let’s say you take that $10 and pay out $20 instead for about a week or two for each sale. This is how you can increase the volume of sales and also keep your affiliates producing happily.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Facebook seems like the way to go these days. You get to target your specified audience and market to them as often as you want.

Even if it’s for a few days, you can still get good results and grow your business. It’s always a good idea to have something free to offer your potential prospects/affiliates to funnel them onto your list.

This way you can start building a relationship with them ASAP, so they can get to know who their dealing with and of course, buy from you.


Final thoughts: Continue to evolve and produce new products/services. When you can provide your current affiliates with new promotions, products, and services, you keep them motivated and wanting to continue doing business with you and for you.


In addition to using affiliate programs to make money online and grow your income, how about some additional tips to get a quick start on marketing success?

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Cheryl J. Moses is the founder of Online Marketing ROI and New Eminence.




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