How can you make time to get all your marketing done AND focus on your business AND your family?

For all online business owners and marketers, time management is crucial to your success. Sometimes working from home can endure distractions and an inability to stay focused and get all your marketing done,  but there are ways to manage this problem.

So, how does one stay focused and on task in the world of entrepreneurship? Here are some things you need to know:


Avoid hanging out on social networks and forums (well, not completely of course).

Of course, if you are marketing your site, product, service, etc., then this cannot and SHOULD NOT be avoided. But it’s so easy to get caught up in the web of what people are talking about, gossip, the latest news, and so forth.

Use your best judgment with this.

If you are using social media management tools such as Buffer, then it makes it a little easier to stray away from all the nonsense that has nothing to do with your marketing.

Use signatures when posting in an online forum because this can be considered a form of marketing. The best thing I would suggest is to set aside a specific block of time for marketing on forums and social networks. I usually set up my tweets and some quotes for Facebook with SocialOomph or Hootsuite by scheduling them for the next day.

If I don’t get the chance to do this, I’ll use my down time to put some information out there. Since I have the toddler all day, I can do this when he’s being his active self since there’s no concentrating to write a blog or any content. 30 minutes should be enough time.

Make sure you stop when your 30 minutes are up. You have other things that need to get done too.


Avoid instant messaging and texting.

You definitely don’t want to use up your time this way.  Turn the messaging off while you’re working!  You can answer your messages at a later time. If you are marketing a product or service you sell, minimize this as much as possible. The only exception would be if you are internet marketing by connecting with people which would make it business related. Other than that, do not bother socializing on a chat.


Avoid surfing the internet.

I’m guilty of this one. There’s always something I need to Google and then I start looking at other things. Many of us can identify with this. But, since internet marketing relies on using the internet, you will need to use it. 

There is a difference between surfing the internet for internet marketing ideas and viewing random stuff. If it’s not conducive to your business, then it can wait. Period.

For example, search online for internet marketing forums or videos where the latest tips and reviews on certain products or tools are shared, but avoid other sites, such as those for news, gossip, and sports. View everything else on your own time.


Avoid checking your personal email.

Guilty! This is easier said than done. Personally, I have calmed down a lot. This is a process. One of the biggest “time wasters” in the day of an online marketer is email moved here. My iPhone happened to chime every time I would receive an email, so it was hard not to check it. I’ve turned that thing off. I didn’t really want to because sometimes there are last minute emails for a training call or webinar, or maybe even a discount off of something I really could use.

I would suggest setting all your business stuff to one certain email address and just check that one at certain times. Mixing one email account for personal use and business use, really should stop immediately. An email account just for business enables you to check your email throughout the day (using time blocks), but without getting distracted with personal messages.


Make sure everyone knows you have work to do.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the concept of working from home. Some people don’t understand that it really is work. You may find friends, family members, or neighbors calling or stopping by for a visit. Let everyone know you do work but you just do it from home. It’s important to also make it known that you will not be available during work hours unless for emergencies.


Create a “to-do” checklist.

Plan your day. Doing this daily, is one of the best ways to stay focused and on schedule as an entrepreneur. Why? Because you have a specific guide to follow. Today your list for the day may include article marketing, writing a blog, and so forth. As you complete each task, cross it off your list. This list is your guide and motivation. It feels good to check off every task you set out to complete. 


Create a detailed schedule.

If you are chaotic and have time management problems, a simple daily checklist may not be enough. If that is the case, create a detailed schedule. A schedule is essentially a checklist with times attached. Set aside blocks of time for specific internet marketing tactics, such as social media marketing or video marketing. Having a deadline helps to increase your productivity and stay better focused. There’s also a cool FREE plugin called Editorial Calendar that helps you schedule your blog posts. I use this myself and it works great! On the flip side, being mommy comes first. Keep calm and do what you can during those interruptions or taking care of priorities with your kids. 


There may be consequences for not staying on task.

It’s really simple. As an entrepreneur, you don’t want to ever lose money if you can avoid it. A lot of us make the mistake of believing we will just fall behind and it’s no big deal. Now, this will happen, but there is also the money aspect. Time that is wasted, as opposed to spent marketing your site with affiliate links, products, or services for sale translates into money lost. That’s a biggie and should not be taken lightly. Get back on track as soon as you can to avoid any huge pitfalls in your online income. 




More productivity solutions that you might find helpful….




I hope these tips come in handy for you to make better use of your day. The more marketing you get done, the more money you potentially can make. Choose your time wisely and make each moment count.


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