It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, and make things more complex than they need to be. 

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of inhaling huge amounts of information which can lead to confusion and overload.

In the spur of the moment, I came up with 4 quick and easy brand elements that you can focus on without all the extra babble about branding.


I can’t say this enough. So many entrepreneurs tend to put themselves out
there to serve everyone but that’s a “No Bueno.” The best way to impact
a mass amount of people you’re targeting in the marketplace: Do ONE thing very well. Focus on that one thing and it will cut away at what your competition is doing. That’s how you stand out and become a memorable brand.

Can you do all the other things you know how to do really well? Absolutely. In fact, I encourage it. But, you should do it in a way where it will fall into the loop of your “main” thing.

Think of an umbrella. When it’s raining, you hold only one over your head. There’s a million raindrops hitting the top, but only one of you underneath. Hold an umbrella between you and your ideas. You’re only one person, and if you get on track with one main focus, you can later branch out. Build your brand and people will follow.

Principle #2: Reinvention

It’s totally ok to break free from “what’s normal”. You don’t even have to
improve what your competition has already done. Create some new, outside-
the-box type of category that no one has thought of BUT you. Your ability to
be unique and just be YOU is the disruption the marketplace needs.

Keep in mind that coming up with an edge is good, but it has to be effective. This is your “WOW” factor, so it has to be both eye opening and profitable. If you notice, so many big brands are constantly coming up with something new. This is because they have to “WOW” their target market, plus nobody likes a boring brand. Give your audience something to look forward to.

Principle #3: Bold impact

Expressing yourself and making a bold statement with that expression
gives your brand life. It makes you original and fuels a brand that cannot
be fabricated on any level. Bring the attitude. Bring the pizzazz.
Do what most are scared to do. Do YOU! Enough said.

Principle #4: Put your ideas to good use

Take a part of your brand’s core demographic and rock the hell out of a big idea from it. All it takes is for you to make a decision to step outside of your comfort zone and say “hell yeah it’s gonna work!”

For instance, info webinars will give you more visibility and allow you to show off your brilliance and build your community. If you don’t have a product to pitch…so what!

Just have an idea. Pre-sell the idea and THEN create the product. Hey, if they want it, they will buy it. And this way you don’t have to guess one way or the other.

No need to complicate things. Time is something that you don’t get back. Spend it wisely.

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