Let’s face it, when it comes to advice, especially business advice, there is a lot of it out there. With so many business and entrepreneur blogs popping up all over the internet there is a great deal of sifting to be done. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

Well, the only fool-proof way is to source information from people that have been there and done that. There is absolutely no substitute for practical experience. With that said I have scoured the web for some of the world’s hottest entrepreneurs and asked what top tips they can offer to aspiring business achievers. These guys have been there, done that, and got the blood stained t-shirt to prove it. So sit up and pay attention, because if it worked for these guys, it may very well work for you…. business advice

Our very own Cheryl J. Moses from here at OnlineMarketingROI gives the first piece of essential advice:

“Set goals and have a plan. You can dream BIG dreams but you must always have a plan on how you will achieve them. Stay consistent until you have accomplished all that you have set out to do. Revision may be necessary, but keep implementing what you learn. Remember, small changes can manifest big results.”

There are bound to be high points and low points in your business journey, so another key bit of business advice comes from Christelle Macri, who heads up British photo business Rock My Wall who says: “Success is only positive thoughts and pure determination“. Whenever things get difficult, that is a great quote to bear in mind.

Eileen from Claddagh Design says the most important thing is to know your brand:

I made a list of my brand values, product, vision… and even things like personality and voice. As well as being a really valuable exercise at the time, I still have the list pinned over my desk to remind me to stay on course!

Lottie Moore from The Wish Network says that being open minded is key:

“Be prepared to try different ideas, and get really passionate about what you are doing, but don’t be afraid to walk away from ideas, or change direction if something is not working out… I’d say that friends and family are great, but it’s worth investing energy and finances in working with a coach or mentor who can help you reach your end result more quickly, and assist in empowering you to make shrewd decisions.”

Also, never forget who is the key part of your business venture:

“Many new companies invest a huge amount in their website, marketing collateral and such, then cut back on investing in themselves, even though they are the heart of their business, and the key driving force within it.”
Be sure to invest in yourself, as you are always going to be the most important cog in your business machine.

Edel Creely, Managing Director at Trilogy Technologies and finalist at Ulster Bank Business Banking 

Business Achiever Awards had this advice:

“Keep focused on your core business and don’t become distracted. Do the research, market your company’s services, focus on your customers and what is truly important for the business. Use your knowledge and experience and look for expertise from those who have the experience when you don’t. Look closely at your networks and key partnerships as a route to market which will enable you to be a success in whatever endeavor you pursue. Marketing, keeping the customers’ needs and goals a priority and a lot of hard work are very important for success.”

There is a lot of advice out there, but ultimately it is up to you to decide which bits are useful to you. Mark from Kidzone Direct and winner of the Mumpreneur Award 2012 puts it well: “Over time you will receive a lot of advice, make sure you listen, as some of the advice will be invaluable.”

Which advice proves to be invaluable, will ultimately be up to you. Take on as much business advice as you can and then get going! Just remember to keep evaluating your business as you go and never stop learning.

Good Luck!

Emily is a budding business writer who likes to write about various topics, including starting your own venture and how to be successful in business.

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