Business cards are extremely common nowadays and everyone is handing them out and sticking them in shop windows. This is why you must make your business card stand out from the rest.

You also need to make sure that it has no obvious flaws that will give a bad first impression on you or your business as your business card and what it offers will stay within the heads of customers.

This business card can be placed in the potential customer’s wallets and purses which they will visit every day, so make the card last in people’s memory. business cards


1. First of all, make it different to the rest. Make the card quirky and make in link to what you are selling, for example, if offering photography the card be in the shape of a camera. You can also make the card stand out by using many colors and even some images.


2. As previously mentioned it is always a good idea to include colors, images or even patterns however, you must remember not to cover the card up too much and leave space. Sometimes the simplest cards are the most professional looking. If the card is too cluttered with images patterns and a lot of text, there is too much to look at, whereas if the info or imagery is kept simple, it will be more likely to stick within the reader’s mind as there is only small detail to focus on.


3. Always remember to leave your website address. The first thing you will place upon your business card is your name and company name. However, leaving your website address is just as important. Due to the rise of online marketing every day, it has become an essential detail to include. To the increase the size of your company’s recognition, list a host of social networking links for your business’ Facebook page or Twitter page.


4. The condition of your business cards mean a great deal. Using a card holder will be essential. As previously mentioned you want to give a good impression to the potential company and the business card has the ability to do that, so make sure that when you are handing out your business card it is in good condition and not bent or has smudges for example. A card holder will keep your cars in a respectable condition for handing out.


The importance of having business cards

Having business cards for your company is probably the most underestimated weapon to have with your company. Companies are known to advertise in newspapers or billboards however, they will only be viewable for a period of time.

Giving business cards out at a personal level means that the person may carry the card around in a wallet for example or give to others after they have had satisfaction with a product they have bought. Business cards will tend to last longer than public advertisements.

Carrying business cards, despite how big or small your business may be, gives of a professional look when handing the cards out. The card will immediately gives the first impression of the company to the person receiving it meaning it will stick in the head of a potential customer.

Business cards make it clear in what services are being offered and introduce your company as a whole. If someone inquires about your business’ services, this card should professionally explain those. By giving someone a business card, it also makes it a more exclusive feel to the potential customer for contacting you as you are addressing them personally.

The information included on your business card is essential. What you include on the card is completely up to you however, the more you include on your card, the more the word and ultimately the name of your company spreads.

You will of course write your company name and details on it, however, including your social networking links such as your company’s Facebook page, Twitter account or even your YouTube channel can lead to an increase of reputation and popularity of the business.

Including images and colors can also make you card stand out and more memorable when received. However, if you want the card to contain patterns, themes and images, leave that to professionals and designers, you need your business card to be effective and to do this, it must look professional.

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Kate is a keen writer when she is not creating graphic novels in her spare time, she writes for print company Colourbiz cards that specialise in cheap quality business cards.


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