Are you tired of just getting by or working long hours just to make ends meet?

What if you could just do the natural stuff your heart desires, live freely, spend more time with your kids, and have a well-balanced life?

How does all of this sound to you?

You can ABSOLUTELY live that freedom lifestyle you’ve always wanted by turning your gifts into lucrative profits.

I’ve laid it all out and I’m not holding anything back! Get your access pass to the very system I used to get out of the hustle and bustle of working for someone else, and into living life on my own terms, doing what I love, and spending quality time with my kids on a daily basis.

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Dear Future Online Savvy Entrepreneur,

You ended up on this page for a reason…

Maybe you want to start your own business, get your current business on track or perhaps you’’re looking for an easier way to automate your income.

You may just want to be in the company of a great coach who can help you get some clarity about how to move forward.

Before you continue reading the rest of the information below I want you to consider 2 things…

1st: What are you passionate about?

2nd: What knowledge, skill, expertise do you have that you can share?

And trust me when I say this – you have something you’re both knowledgeable and passionate about otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this page AND… you wouldn’’t still be reading this!

Every day there are people looking for what YOU have!

They can benefit from your skills, your expertise and all that great “stuff” you have up there floating around in your brain!

So I have one question for you…

Why aren’’t you SHARING it???

Some people think that they “aren’’t good enough” or “not smart enough” to share their knowledge and actually get paid for it.

Well let me tell you – that’’s just a bunch of BS! I don’t mean to be harsh, but I’m for real.

So that is why I decided to coach people…

I want to show people like you how to leverage what you know!

I help them understand their value and define their expertise so they can GET PAID what they’re really truly worth!

It’’s my passion to help people get out of their “”I’’m just not good enough”” mindset and guide them through the process of making their dreams a reality by starting a business online from scratch or taking their current business to the next level…

Even if they’re lacking “techy skills” or any previous online experience!

I can absolutely tell you that I know what it’s like to dream, wish for more stability for my family, and deal with the stress of NOT being able to GIVE them everything they need and then some.

This is exactly why I created The Shift to Freedom™ coaching program.

It’s designed for women like you and me…

Women who know what they want out of life and aren’t afraid to go after it!

Let me guess….

You don’t want to settle.

You know that there is more to life than how you are living now.

You want more quality time with your family.

You are not happy with your J.O.B.

You know you deserve the abundance God wants for you.

There’s a TRANSFORMATION that has to take place. And you need a system to do it.

Module 1: Vision, Value, Voice

Let’s focus on…

►The vision for your business and where you want it to go

►The quality of life you want to create

►What is fulfilling to you in all areas of life

►How much income you desire to meet your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals

►Your personal values, and discover the unique way you should deliver your message to the world


Module 2: Manifestation Mastery

►You will learn how to magnetize your desires while eliminating harmful beliefs.

►Your thoughts are your most powerful asset and since 90% of success has to do with mindset, the goal here is to transform your way of thinking to produce massive results.

►Setting intentions and manifesting both small and big things in life is essential for prosperity. We’re going to cover all of this and more!


Module 3: Mindset Transformation

You are going to start thinking differently (like a REAL entrepreneur running her REAL business).

►For the success of your business, a mindset shift needs to happen. This is a necessary part of breaking out of the employee mindset to pursue the dream you have for gaining financial freedom and living a life you desire.


Module 4: Creative Business Planning

If you want results, you need to set your goals and have a plan.

►This session will have you using your creative abilities to plan your business using all the basic building elements.

►Everything from your brand, your message, and where you see your business in the future will be created. You will be equipped with the skills to bring your vision to life with a strategic roadmap. 


Module 5: Powerful Productivity

Goal setting and effectively using time management tools and techniques to overcome overwhelm and clutter, will get you more accomplished each day.

►You are going to learn exactly how to get things done so that your business or family time doesn’t suffer. This will make your journey easier and more fulfilled with exceptional outcomes. 


Module 6: Relationship Building

If you want to make it in the business world, you have to learn how to build relationships. Anyone who is successful did not get there alone.

►Cultivating long-term relationships is the life line of your business success. This session teaches you how effective communication and making connections will gain trust and increase conversions. This includes list building, email marketing, and the do’s and don’ts of joint venture partnerships to grow your business. 


Module 7: Monetizing Your Message

The exciting part about having a business is the endless opportunities you can create. Your message is high quality and valuable.

►This session will have your profiting from your value in different ways. In addition to your primary business, you will learn how to create multiple streams of income on automation.


Module 8: Online Marketing

Marketing strategies and techniques are huge for gaining paying clients, visibility, and a steady cash flow.

►You will be clear and confident on who you are serving, how to target your ideal market, and gain credibility so people buy from you over and over. 

My Goal is to Make Sure You are Equipped With Everything You Need to Get Your Business Up and Running FAST!

Design a Website That Accentuates Your Brand

There’s no sense in having a website if it doesn’t work for you, 24/7. I will advise you on building your website so that you attract more clients and make more sales.


Marketing & Promotional Tools

We will design your marketing plan and the promotional tools to go with it. I specialize in creating designs for brand development and beyond.


Action Plans and What To Do Next

No mediocre here. I will provide you with the necessary actionable steps to keep you moving in the right direction, even after you complete the program.

This way, you’ll save time and money so that you can FOCUS more on the growth of your business.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

You will be able to schedule your sessions with me after completing your assignments. This is sure to get you on track and get you results quickly.

Training Calls

Every month you will have access to my training calls. This will help you get going and moving in the right direction.

Unlimited Support

You will be able to email me your questions, anytime you want and get a response within 24 hours. I will also have call-in hours and laser focused sessions upon announcement. 

Resource Rolodex

You will have access to all my tools and resources for your business to thrive. This will shorten your learning curve tremendously!

Considering how most coaches charge thousands of dollars for their programs, here you have an affordable rate (FREE) and you WILL get results.

Here’s the deal, I want you to make an 8 month commitment to yourself, and see this thing through to the end. The bottom line is… there is a purpose for your life, and I’m willing to stand in the fire with you to get you to the other side. If you are ready to fulfill that purpose, just click on the button below to schedule your complimentary discovery session now!

I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals.  xo


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