Buyer Persona: How to Find Your Ideal Customer

Video Notes


What does it mean to create a buyer persona?


Represents your ideal customer:

  • Based on demographics, challenges, wants, needs, etc.
  • Determines what you need to provide for your audience

It’s a general representation of your ideal customers making it easier for you to understand their wants, needs, behaviors, and so on.

You can do them by doing market research through surveys, interviews, or some type of interaction. -And this will allow you to personalize your target marketing for specific groups of people.

You can segment your lists so that you know who needs what. And this helps you to market to them according to what you know about them. Interview customers/clients (past and present):

  • look for trends about how people find and consume your content.
  • look at your social media profiles (insights)

Once you’ve gathered all of the info you can create your persona:

  • Background
  • Demographics
  • Communication preference
  • Goals (primary and secondary)
  • Challenges (primary and secondary)
  • How can you help them achieve those goals and challenges
  • What are some of the things they said that stuck out to you
  • Objections- Why wouldn’t they buy from me? What’s stopping them?
  • Marketing Message- What’s the message that speaks directly to this person?

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