Why You Need Catchy Headlines

If you know how to read and write, then you can write catchy headlines. Simply put, knowing the basics of what will grab someone’s attention and also knowing generally what you want to say, is a good start. It really isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Your headlines need to be great and interesting for whatever you are writing. This is because you want your readers to read the article or post in its entirety.

Make ’em curious.

If you are like me, you may have wondered at some point in time how people write such robust headlines for sales pages. I could never figure out how online marketers come up with headlines that grab you by the core and make you continue reading. Products that contain headlines for making money usually have a certain hook such as “Find out how” or “Here’s how” to make $4,363 in 30 days for FREE. I can see how someone would be curious about this information. As you can see, it doesn’t take much for a reader to be persuaded into finishing the article.

People are curious about many things and making money is probably the biggest. With that in mind, keeping your headlines interesting is very important.

Writing Sales Pages With Catchy Headlines

“How To”

Using a “How To” headline simply tells the reader that there is something to learn here. Since many web surfers want to learn how to do something, starting a headline this way could actually get them to continue reading. The important thing is to be creative and take your time. Make sure your formatting and spelling is right also. You definitely don’t want it to look unprofessional so tweak it until you get it correct.

Here are some examples of headlines that would have a reader scrolling down the article or sales page!

“How A Completely Self-Taught Pip-Squeak Golfer Ignored Everything The So-Called “Experts” Teach… And Stumbled On The ONE BIG DARN SECRET To Instantly Adding Dozens Of Laser-Accurate Yards To Your Tee Shots… Especially If You’re Too Short, Too Tall, or Too Out-Of-Shape!”

“How A Skinny Little Golf Genius From California Accidentally Started Hitting 425-Yard Tee Shots!”

“In Just 22 minutes And 17 Seconds, You Can Learn For FREE What 400 Privileged `Elite’ Golfers Will Pay Thousands Of Dollars To See This Year…And NO Other Golfers Will Ever Hear About!”

“Learn The Simple Secrets to Shortgame Success That Will Have You Chipping Inches From the Hole — Finally Looking Like a Real Golfer!”

“The 7 Stupid Mistakes Most Men Make That Can Get Their Loved Ones Carjacked, Robbed, Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted Or Worse!”

How ONE e-mail a week — and
THREE minutes each Monday
morning — could show you
how to make you as much as
$182,750 in 2014

“How your morning coffee, bowl of cereal,
and maybe a donut on your way to work
can make you $61,275 in just 11 months”

“You’ll be shocked and amazed when you discover…
“How a 55 Year Old Marketing Genius
Who Can’t Even Use A Computer Can
Double Your Online Business
Overnight –Then Redouble It Again
Over The Next 12 Months.”

Whatever you do, keep implementing and practicing. Write what you would consider as catchy headlines and ask others what they think to see if they are interested. Ask them if they would want to read the rest of what you have to say. Feedback is always helpful.

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