It seems as if every other day I’m discovering my love for writing. Therefore, I’ve added something else to my plate for 2017 and it just so happens to be a short series of fiction books. I’ve never written a fiction book before so this should be interesting.

I figured, since I’m always creating a scenario or situation in my mind, I might as well develop something worth putting out there in the world. Creativity is so freeing and just allows you to be who you wanna be, even if that person is someone other than your authentic self.

So…we will see how this all plays out.

As I was sitting and sipping on some hot chocolate earlier, I began to think about all of the lessons and eye-openers that I’ve endured over the past twelve months. Now, I’m eating some leftovers I made for dinner last night and it’s 12:30 a.m. I just finished working on an ecommerce website for a client and I got a little hungry. What can I say…it’s an entrepreneur typa life.

Back to where I was going with all of this…

First off, I had to let some people go. It was hard. But it was also a release for me. When people become close to you, it’s not easy to accept who you find out they really are versus who you thought they were. Ever since I stepped into being boss of my own world per se, I’ve seen this happen over and over again to so many people.

What I’ve learned is that what you see is what you get. They’re not going to change just because you want them to or just because you are hoping to see something different from them one day. The truth is, there are some people who just aren’t rooting for you to win. And that’s the bottom line. So, when they show you who they are, believe them.

I also learned that there is power in taking risks. Whether the outcome was good or bad, there is something magical you get from just doing the damn thing.

For instance, I started an ecommerce journey at the end of 2015. Needless to say, I threw my hands up because I got frustrated with it.

Now, I’ve been rocking and rolling for years in online business, so I know a thing or two about consistency and sticking to the script until you get to the other side of it.

Yea, so, this is also where kicking people to the curb comes into play. Basically, I had no help. I took the leap because someone whom I thought was my friend and had my back, told me it would be a great opportunity for me to jump in.

And so I did…

And she went M. I. A. (missing in action)

And when I couldn’t get over the eBay probation hump, I just let it go, only to return a couple months ago. The determination kicked back into gear and I decided to get back on track and stay the course, without her.

And so I got through the probation period, draining my Paypal account just to make sales while screwing myself on the shipping rates.

The reason why I say risks are powerful is because they can show you your true self, strengths, and weaknesses. With the next risk you take, are you going to stand in the fire or will you drop it like it’s hot? Only time will tell.

But also, in the midst of learning about yourself, you will also learn who has your best interest and who doesn’t really give a shit at all.

One last thing, I owned my brilliance this year! Woohoooooo!

Confidences Rules Everything Around Me.

How about that for some end-of-the-year bliss 🙂


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