Ok soooo, in this week’s webinar I discussed some things to think about when building your foundation for your business…..using the web of course.

It made perfect sense (in my mind) to start at the very beginning (with the foundation) because many people jump into business, but they don’t always STAY in business because they haven’t thought it out completely.

What happens next?

They quit.

If it doesn’t pop off fast enough, they quit. End of story.

With that being said, this is Part One of the training. See ya later 🙂


Topics Discussed:

Intro to Online Marketing
Finding Your ‘Sweet Spot’
Ideas for Your Business
Problem Solving- Researching Your Ideal Customer’s Needs
Product Creation- Giving Value and Selling
Outsourcing for Faster Results

3 Reasons Why Online Marketing WILL Work

1. It all starts with a decision….

2. Failure is NOT an option

3. Reach the right people

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Why is it important to figure out your niche first?
Creating a niche allows you to focus your efforts and offer products and services people will want to buy.
What factors determine if a person buys or not?
Customer Service
Pain Points

What lights you up?

Create your Client Avatar

Ideas for Your Business

Upscale an Existing Product
White Label Products
One Problem, One Solution
Find Out What’s HOT!

Upscale an existing product. So this is where you would find a product in your niche and then you would find the holes in that product. You’re basically seeing what that product is missing and what it already has, and then determine how you can make a better product. So you’re not copying off the product, you’re simply borrowing ideas and drawing some inspiration from it.

Life coaching
Web design
Gift baskets
Event planning
Essential oils

Problem Solve

Researching Your Ideal Customer’s Needs
Switch Roles
Pay Attention to Feedback


Product Creation





Why Ebooks?

Fast to set up
No shipping costs
Easy deliverability
Easy access to resources

Create Your Ebook in 5 Steps

Step 1: Develop an outline
Step 2: Do your research
Step 3: Write as if you’re writing an article for each section
Step 4: Include other resources
Step 5: Edit, fill in the holes, and wrap it up

When you start with an outline, you write down your main topic or point of interest and break it down from there into subfactors. So at this point you can get everything written out and then go back to add or take away what you don’t need.
Research is really simple. What you’re going to do is find information on your topic and read as much as you can on that topic. What you will notice is that you will see some repetition in information and then you’ll see some additional info as well. All you have to do is put what you read into your own words and add some commentary to it. When you’re writing, it’s always good to include some kind of storytelling and authenticity because people relate to that and it makes it more interesting.


Delivered via email
Chunk content delivered over several days
Can be interactive


Simple to create
Easy deliverability
Great for people on the go

Interview Series

Why is Outsourcing Important?

More profit with less effort
Allows you to focus on profit producing activities (PPA’s) and leave the rest up to the experts
Saves you time
Stop trying to figure it out on your own!

Weigh the money you’ll spend against the time it would take you to do the task yourself. Estimate how many hours it would take you to complete a project, and then divide what it would cost to hire someone else by that number. If you end up with something around three or four dollars an hour, consider outsourcing.


Hire a VA

What Can You Outsource?

Web design
Content creation
Sales letter
Squeeze page design
Website maintenance

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