Many business owners are so focused on Facebook, that Twitter has often fallen off the map. Twitter undoubtedly has the potential to launch a business from a mediocre state to highly visible one. It’s currently considered one of the most high-profile social media platforms with millions of users. With those numbers, you can surely dominate the market using Twitter.

Statistically speaking, people will sometimes prefer to follow a business rather than join a Facebook page. I’m not sure of what the psychology is behind it but it could be because it’s less of an emotional commitment and easier to manage.

When someone follows you, it essentially means they are interested and want to hear more from you by being open to both content and marketing messages from you and your business.

I’ve heard of people having an issue with Twitter as far as getting followers and increasing customer loyalty once they get the followers. So, I’m going to share with you a few tips to get you going in the right direction.

What is it that Your Followers REALLY Want to Hear About?

At the end of the day, what really matters the most is the quality of your content.

Simply ask yourself: What do my followers want to hear from me?

Let’s say you have followers interested in local restaurants because that’s what you blog about. They might be interested in daily specials or in special discounts around town.

Now on the flip side to that, followers of online personalities and bloggers in other niches might want info on the latest news, quick tips, or inspiration on whatever topic they’re writing about.

Every market and each customer base will have different expectations about what they want to receive. The best thing to do is make sure you’re tweeting out the kind of content that people want to hear so you don’t get a lot of unfollows. They will read your tweets and RT along to their peeps.

Dialogues Work Best

I can be guilty of this at times just like a lot of businesses, and I’m talking about making the mistake of “talking at” people. This may work for some entrepreneurs, but it’s not nearly as effective as having a two-way conversation with your followers. I happen to like dialogues better on Twitter and I wish I could get them often. But when I do, I respond and it feels good when people talk “to” you and not “at” you.

You can even go as far as asking your followers a question and see if they respond. @replies are great, but direct messages are iffy. Some people will try to sell to you through a direct message without saying two words to you otherwise.


Study Your Competition and Colleagues

If you want to dominate your market, you need to know your market. And how you would do that would depend on two things: following all your competitors and following their followers on Twitter.

Look at how your competitors are using Twitter. Look at how their profiles are set up and their engagement activity. See what kind of promotions are they doing and if they are using contests or discounts. Also, seek out the kind of vibe they have going on.

When you know what your competitors are doing, it gives you a huge leg-up. You can learn from their successes instead of trying to reinvent any wheels and avoiding costly mistakes.

Nothing should be more complicated than it needs to be, and this is simple stuff.

Basic, yet powerful.



If you want to dominate the market using Twitter, you need to give your followers what they really want – on a consistent basis. Most of all, aim to be in a dialogue with your followers rather than just having a one-way talk. And finally, follow your competitors to see what they’re up to. Always aim to be two steps ahead.

What is your experience with Twitter? Tell me about it 🙂

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