If you’re using email marketing best practices to promote a product, brand, or service, you are headed in the right direction for sales. This is simply because you have gained the ability to reach people right in their inboxes and if you do things correctly, you’ll have a very personal and profound impact. The statistics clearly show that this is a highly effective way to promote a product and to potentially make a lot of money but you know what they say: with great power comes great responsibility.

email marketing best practices

We’re going to look at some ‘best practices’ for email marketing first and then some things you should avoid so that it doesn’t get awkward and undesirable for both you and your community.  Not only will this help you to avoid frustrating your audience, but it will also help you to get more click through rates and conversions by not rubbing them up the wrong way.

Best Email Marketing Best Practices:

One or Two a Week is Just Fine

With the exception of a promotion where you may choose to send a higher volume of emails, try to avoid going beyond two in a week. I’ve known some people to email every single day, and that’s fine if that’s what your audience likes and expects from you. Otherwise you’ll just frustrate them and they’ll start unsubscribing from your list. Unsubscribes are only good when you get rid of people who aren’t interested and aren’t going to buy from you anyway.


All caps can be annoying and can come across in the wrong way. I wouldn’t suggest it.

Use Re: Sometimes… and With Caution When You Do

Using ‘Re:’ in the subject line is a good way to draw attention to your e-mails. I wouldn’t suggest doing it ALL the time though. Psychologically, It’s  somewhat manipulative and essentially amounts to tricking your readers.

Make Unsubscribing an Easy Option

If you use email service providers such as GetResponse, MailChimp, or Convertkit, unsubscribing should be easy. This is key – as otherwise you can do serious damage to your brand and reputation.

Deliver Consistent Value

I’m sure you hear this a lot, but it’s critical. Whether or not your emails are welcome in someone’s inbox (as in their house) or frustrating, will probably depend on whether or not you are providing value. As long as you offer value, people will have a good reason to read what you’re sending them and they’ll be glad about receiving it. Consistently do this and don’t overdose on sending  messages that are just self-promoting.

Respect Their Privacy

Yes, if you didn’t already know this: you can sell an email list for money. But, unless you have gotten permission from your subscribers about doing it, this is something you should not do. Make sure you put a “We hate spam and will not share your information” as a privacy notice.

Think about it as if you are a guest in your subscribers’ homes. Act as if you are and treat them with respect and gratitude – it will surely be beneficial for you in the long run.

Mistakes to Avoid

You have the access and ability to craft good emails in your email marketing campaign, so don’t get discouraged. It can make or break your business and I’m sure you’ve worked hard setting up your funnels, driving tons of traffic to your site and offers, and converting them into leads. What’s left is the task of making sales through your email marketing campaign.

I call it a task because that’s what it is in my opinion. You’ll have to know how to write copy and what not, which can take some time to get spot on. Overall, don’t worry about perfection, just take some action.

And really, you don’t want to leave money on the table by doing these things….

Spammy Looking Subject Lines

If you send emails with spammy looking subject lines, your emails will get caught in the spam filters and you’ll have a much lower delivery rate overall. Some email service providers don’t allow you to put “make money” in the subject line either. When it comes to your niche, keep things like this in mind. If it sounds generic, you can count on it being in the spam folder.

Long Icky Looking Affiliate Links

It’s a good idea to generate affiliate income but you must be mindful, many affiliate links can look weird and too long. Use an affiliate link  url shortener such as TinyURL or Bit.ly to mask the link. You can even install the Pretty Link plugin if you are using WordPress to mask it there and make it look a lot better. This will also help you keep up with you click through rates right on your website.

Long Email Width Length

It used to be cool for the length (from left to right) for the text of your emails to be no longer than 200 characters. Emails are certainly longer now since the focus is so much on relationship building, and that’s ok. Just avoid putting an entire blog post in your emails. Give some tips, a snippet of your blog content, etc. This will help you to improve readability and usability. People will usually scroll up and down rather than left to right anyway.

Too Much Hardsell

Treating your peeps right is important, and while making money is equally important, it should not go too far at the expense of your readers’ attention. A good guideline would be to send one promo offer for every four emails of valuable content. You can sequence this however you want, but that’s a starting point. This way, you can “train” your readers to lookout for good stuff every time you pop up in their inbox with something and not opt out from your list.

I’ve just given you some quick tips for email marketing best practices and mistakes you can avoid along the way. I urge you to strive to provide some great value through your email marketing campaigns and the money will follow. Remember, there are no shortcuts in this success thing!



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