If you don’t do anything about it, you’ll be consumed with it, both personally and professionally. I’m talking about entrepreneurial stress. Think about it like this- if you have an open wound, you wouldn’t just leave it that way.

Not at all.

You would get some medicine and put it on the wound so that it can heal. The same thing should take place when you’re dealing with emotional and physical symptoms derived from stress.

Take a look at the commonalities…

Common physical symptoms:

Chest pain
Palpitations (rapid heartbeat)

Emotional symptoms:

Short temper
Lack of relaxation

The way to go about dealing with stress if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or some that aren’t mentioned here, is to first identify the stressors.

What is causing you to feel this way?

And what can you do to cope?

This is where the work begins. You’re either going to do things to avoid, alter, adapt to, or accept these stressors in your life.



Avoiding Stress

Let’s first take a look at what you can do to avoid stress, for the most part. As a woman, as a mom, you have to learn how to say NO. I know it’s not always easy. We love our families, we love the people closest to us, but at the same time, we have to know our limits and stick to them. And I’m not just talking about in your personal life. It has to be done in your professional world also.

If you REALLY look at what’s going on in your professional life, whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or working in a cubicle, sometimes you can point out exactly where the stress is coming from.

Maybe you’ve taken on too many projects at one time.

Maybe you accepted an opportunity that you really don’t want to do.

Maybe you have people in your circle who are causing stressful situations.

Whatever the case may be, you have to remove yourself from people who cause you stress.

You can do this by taking control of your environment. I see many women underestimating their power to be in control. You have it. You just have to exercise it for it to take effect. I mean seriously, if scary movies make you afraid, would you watch them? Probably not. This is because you already know your limits.

If certain topics such as religion or politics make you go off your rocker because of differences in opinion and views, would you talk about them? Probably not. Once again, you know your limits.

Don’t do things or get involved in situations that will cause you to get upset or cause conflict in your life.

Lastly, make that to-do list a little more realistic. You cannot do it all. So don’t try. This is how you spread yourself too thin. Separate the “have to do’s” from the “should do’s” and the rest can take a back seat. If it’s not essential, it’s not a priority- and it can wait.


Altering Stress

There will be (and probably already has been) situations that you just can’t avoid. We’ve all been there before. But here is where you need to make some adjustments regarding your emotions.

Express yourself, talk about what’s bothering you instead of keeping it bottled up. Convey your concerns openly, and if you’re ‘that girl’ then you’ll do it respectfully. I say this laughingly because some of us can only express ourselves the ONLY way we know how, and it isn’t always respectful. Keeping things bottled up for too long can cause you to get agitated, irritated, and frustrated all at the same time. Release this as soon as possible.

On another note, be open to compromise. If you need to ask someone to change their behavior, it might not go so well. A lot of people can’t see it when THEY are the issue. So, you’ll have to figure out how to at least meet them half way.

Be assertive and deal with issues head on. The sooner you do it the better. If someone threw you a baseball, you’d already be holding a bat, in position to hit it out of the park. Do the same thing when you have problems that arise. Be ready and knock them out one by one.

Manage your time better. Yep, couldn’t forget about this one. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you don’t create some type of balance. Time management is easier when you have something of substance that practically forces your hand. 



Adapting to Stress

This is where the art of gratitude comes into play. If you’re not doing a gratitude practice, I highly recommend it. It helps you view situations from a positive perspective, altering your focus on the negative.

Take a NYC bumper to bumper traffic diaster as an example.

I’m from NY so I know exactly how this can cause stress.

A friend of mine was in traffic for 3 hours before.

I was thinking, “Do you know what I can get done in 3 hours?”

You could actually look at it as an opportunity for some reflection time. Think of some topics for content for the month. Plan your meals for the month. Redirect your thoughts and focus for the moment and use that time for something positive.

Look at the big picture.

Is it really worth getting upset?

You also have to realize that it’s not always the other person(s). You might have to make some adjustments to your standards at some point.

Don’t get caught up in the perfection loophole, putting too much pressure on yourself or others for that matter.

Accepting Stress

This is only for things you can’t change. If it were anything else it wouldn’t have made it on the list at all.

Point of acceptance?- Don’t try to control the uncontrollable. Period.

This includes the actions of others. You’ll waste time if you try to about his.

Just focus on things you can control, such as your actions and reactions regarding your problems.

Look at your challenges as opportunities for growth. If you are feeling stress, confide in someone you trust and express your feelings, unapologetically. You might feel powerless in some situations, and that’s understandable. But your feelings are warranted and you have every right to feel however you want, about anything you want.

Learn to forgive. Do it for yourself as well as others. The art of acceptance is that- we live in a world that is imperfect, and we all make mistakes. All of us.
You have to get in a head and heart space where you can let go of things with ease so that you can move forward from it.

Ultimately, take time to relax and have fun when symptoms of stress start to resurface in your life. Make time for yourself, to rest, spend time with positive people, and do things you love and enjoy every chance you get.


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