If you look at some of the most influential people today, their mindset played a major role in their success. Fears, limiting beliefs, negativity, and lack of confidence can prevent or hinder us from achieving our greatest dreams.

But what if you take a moment to challenge your mindset? Imagine all of the things you would let go of and gain for the sake of achieving more.

Truth is, no matter how much content you pump out, you’ll never level up the way that you want to if your mindset isn’t in a Yes-I-Can-Do-This kind of mode. For realz.

When you’re finally ready to focus on financial freedom, you’ll find yourself getting less distracted with less important tasks that take away from your $10k, $20k or more per month business goal.

You’ve been telling yourself it’s time to increase your financial abundance, yet you’re still not there.

Your business idea is great, but if your structure and follow-through aren’t up to par, then that’s what’s killing your cash flow and results.

I get it. And that’s why my clients love me and I love them back. I see so many women (including myself at one point) finding it hard to delegate and get back to what will pay them – making kickass offers with confidence, commitment, and consistency.

Here’s the deal – Just as much as you do the work, you have to believe from your core it WILL work and not allow self-doubt to creep in and tell you otherwise. You CAN manifest the life and business that you really want. 

You have to tell yourself everyday that you’ve got that “enoughness power” to break through the rough patches that come along so that you get to the other side of whatever is in your way.

Say it until it becomes automatic.

Because what’s distracting you now, will only cause you breakdown and resentment later on. You don’t need any of that shit.

If you want things to change, you have to do things differently and that includes your thinking coupled with market domination and brand attraction.

YES! You can have five figure months! My clients Go Hard, learn how to Be The Plug, and Shake the Game Up with their enoughness and you can do the same.

So, when does the transition take place?

financial freedom

1. When you stop fearing change.

You might live and die by a to-do list, a schedule, some goals and a plan. Many of us do. But when things happen that aren’t scheduled or planned it throws us for a loop.

Sound familiar?

I’m sure it does.

This is where you step back and think of “change” as an opportunity. It may be an opportunity for wealth, for growth or it may simply be an opportunity to learn – when you take advantage of change you push your boundaries, open up a whole new world of possibilities AND you make room for something bigger in your life.

Think about whether you fear change and what you can do to embrace it instead.

financial freedom

2. When you allow yourself to think outside the box.

As I compile all of the service components of my new venture (nonprofit) I’m looking at ways to cover the bases for the vision God has given me under this umbrella of greatness.

What will create change in someone’s life?

What will move people into another dimension that was deemed impossible at some point?

That’s what motivates me. To simply be innovative is the most powerful tool you possess in your toolbox.

It’s God-given, and if you stop to take a look around you, it’s extremely profitable. There are a million products and services just waiting to be put into action.

Give yourself that “what if” time. Think about the possibilities and break the chains on any limitations. Don’t think about what you need to make something possible; just think about what is possible.

financial freedom

3. When you explore your limiting beliefs.

Some of us let “I can’t” creep in so much that it becomes a regular thought. We all have done it. It’s the easiest type of limiting belief to recognize, but also eliminate. So, whenever you think, say, or feel that you “can’t”, stop yourself, think, feel, and say “I can.”

At some point you have to recognize the beliefs you have and examine them to see if they’re actually limiting you from accomplishing all that you can. If they are, you’ll have to explore how you can change that belief into an empowering one that supports you and your goals.

If you want to change your reality, it starts with your thoughts and beliefs.

financial freedom

4. When you understand that your thoughts are under your control.

Yes girl, there’s an amazing sense of empowerment here. You can put an end to the negative self-talk, closed mindset, and self-doubt.

It will take you some time to do the work and recognize all of your limiting thoughts, but learning how to change your mindset is an effort that is well worth the time and energy.

You can control how you perceive events, how you react to challenges, and how you relate to others.

Your mindset can do a few things: lead you astray, drive you from your hopes and desires or help you fulfill your biggest dreams.

Take the time to exercise your self-control muscle to cultivate a positive mindset that can change your life.


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financial freedom

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