Finding Your Niche: Turning Your Ideas Into Action (#30DaysOfInnovation)

Ideas are all around us, and nothing feels more exciting than coming up with a really cool idea that you know will absolutely work. The difficult part for most, however, is taking those ideas and turning them into an actionable plan.

Before the plan, you have to go about finding your niche. Planning without doing this first step will set you up to fail rather quickly. 

To Do List:

1. Write out a plan to implement.

You have an idea – great! Now is a good time to write out a plan of how you will act on that idea. Make it realistic and detail in writing how your idea will work-breaking down the process into small steps. Having an action plan to follow makes the process of action much easier. Get specific with it.

2. Let go of fear.

So many people have wonderful ideas that never come into fruition because of fear. Fear can really be a dirty word for many of us. It can stop us from following our dreams and acting on our ideas. Don’t let fear of failure stop you from making your ideas a success. Remind yourself that in the big scheme of things you really don’t have a lot to loose. What is the worst that could happen? It doesn’t work.

Ok, then you can try a different route. And don’t worry about the fear of what people will say. People will always have something to say. Take pride in the fact that you have the strength to follow through on your dreams. The reality is you get bonus points for even trying in the first place, so you really can’t go wrong.

3. Take tiny steps.

Take each part of your business plan and idea and take a small action step each day. First things first…find your niche! Don’t event think of moving forward with an idea until you have done enough research for finding your niche.

Video Notes

First steps for turning ideas into action:

-Be careful not to get hung up on all the small details.

-You can research all the information you need when the time comes. And anything you can’t do, you can hire others to do.

-Finding your niche-it’s part of your business plan and brand attraction strategy.

Find a niche that you are highly interested in but one that is also profitable.

-Think about the problems that these people have and if it keeps them up at night. This will give you an idea of if they will pay good money to you to help them solve their problem.

-Who do you want to work with?- What’s the problem?- Is it really a painful problem that they will bang down your door to help them with? -Why is it important that they solve this problem (what makes them cry?).

Narrow down your niche as much as possible to:

-Differentiate you from other people

-Customize solutions

-Be seen as the go to person

-Get more opportunities

-Charge higher prices

-Recognize how the issues, marketing, and pain points will be different 

-Be focused in the NOW and expand after you have mastered that niche and made money from it

Don’t think that people won’t pay for something.

If you could have a solution to spend more time doing things you love AND make 50k this year, would you pay for that?

Don’t think there isn’t a market for something if you can’t find competitors.

There could be holes in the marketplace for what you have. If there’s pain and you have the solution, it’s possible that there’s a market for it.

If you find competitors…..

Look at your competitors, see what your clients would like and what they wouldn’t like, improve it, pull out the strongest points and put your own spin on it (your personal stamp).

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