I’m sharing this with you because it might be hard right now, but it gets easier.

This is how my first year in business went…

I worked out of what is now my toddler’s room, I lost a few friends, the deadbeat that wasn’t helping me anyway, and three rental properties that I couldn’t afford to keep up with.

And then there’s my credit….

It was in a hell hole for about 6 years! It was HARD in many ways.

For a long time I thought “damn this life is a bunch of bull” and it had me on an emotional roller coaster for months.

All this happened in a matter of 10 months, including: crying, frustration, confusion…you name it. Every single day I just wanted to give up.

What I’m most thankful for…is being spiritually grounded.
I read a book called Total Forgiveness, which helped me understand what it would it feel like to release all of the negative crap I had been holding on to.
It helped me walk through everything I was battling within myself.

Here’s my point….

These moments in life are critical turning points.
You are being tested to see how bad you want your dream.

Whatever it is that you want, sometimes you’ve got to go through some pain to get it.
I don’t know why, but that’s just the way it is!

A lot of times, our past choices need to be fixed, cleaned up, or let go of so that we can move forward.

Then there’s the fact that you need to make some adjustments in SKILLS to make your business work.

Your habits cannot remain the same if you are going to make more money and change your life. They just can’t.

You’ve got to stop hiding and start making offers. You MUST build a business that is set up for success.

For instance, DO NOT FOCUS ON CREATING PRODUCTS when you still do not have a mailing list to sell them to!

Building a business step by step and in the right order, will put a great amount of money in your bank account in the next year or two.


Here’s where people mess up:
They switch up when things aren’t moving fast enough. They see people putting out podcasts and think that’s what they should be doing too. They see people creating courses and think that’s what they should be doing too. 

You’ll work harder trying to gain traction on social media than you will if you have an email list of besties that you’re building relationships with on a regular basis. 

If you have a small list, that’s ok, you can still make good money. But if you have no LIST and don’t know how to SELL, you won’t make money doing that! You need to focus on building your community and a business model that will bring in money consistently. Run your business with simplicity and ease.  

If you do not have a list of 1,000 yet, schedule a call and let’s figure out a plan to get you building your biz with ease. Click Here.



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