As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know what free tools are available to you to promote your business.

Using Twitter to promote yourself can be very effective.  Anywhere from tracking your influence to market research, from mobile phones to alternate interfaces – it’s all there.

The best part about it is many of these tools are absolutely free to use.

Here are a few tools you can use to start effectively building your business online with Twitter…

But first, here’s some surprising facts about Twitter for your FYI…

free twitter tools


SocialOomphSocialOomph is a free service that also has an upgraded version if you need to boost your productivity even more. You are able to register up to five Twitter accounts to schedule your tweets.

This tool is great for monitoring the activity on social media and easily keeping up with updates. The best thing about this tool is, it’s simply to use and you can save yourself a lot of time. As a time-saving tool, this would be beneficial to any entrepreneur.


Twitonomy – This is one much needed tracking tool for your Twitter profile. Twitonomy gives you a thorough review of twitter activity using analytics. You can monitor tweets, get the scoop on retweets and favorites, and also keep track of followers. This tool is in the top five when it comes to free twitter tools.


Retweet Rank – See just how many retweets you are getting. Entrepreneurs put in a lot of time into their social media efforts. Who wouldn’t want their message to be sent out to a massive amount of people?

Retweet Rank tells you just how much your “retweet power” is measuring up to others on Twitter. All you need to do is simply go to their website, type in your Twitter username, and voila!


Tweriod – After putting in so much time getting your tweets out, you want to make sure there’s an audience out there who is listening, right?

Well, Tweriod is great for figuring that out for you. This tools helps you to tweet when it makes sense, by simply analyzing your tweets.

Creating content isn’t just done for the fun of it. If you’re putting out valuable content, it needs to be seen by the right people to increase your revenue. This free twitter tool can surely help you increase your reach and be seen!


Qwitter – Wouldn’t you love to know who unfollowed you?

If you are ever wondering just how many people are unfollowing you, Qwitter will surely tell you. Qwitter sends out a daily email, showing you exactly who unfollowed you. This can be very useful both from a personal perspective (i.e. knowing if someone influential is losing interest), as well as from a statistical perspective (i.e. finding out your average follower retention rate).

These are just a few free twitter tools available that are useful to online entrepreneurs like you and me. It costs nothing to give them a try and save yourself a great amount of time in the future.


P.S. Some other free twitter tools to check out are:– This is an advanced hashtag search engine that enables you to have an in-depth view of which hashtags are trending, popular, and what you should be using. Whether you use Twitter all the time or not, I’m sure you have heard of hashtags. With this tool you can find the hashtags you need best to reach your audience and spread your message based on different metrics.
Followerwonk– This is a cool analytics tool for finding out the demographics of your followers and whatever info you want to know about them. You can find targeted people to connect with, analyze your relationships, and do some testing on what your audience wants from you.
Tweetdeck– Tweetdeck is a tracking and organization tool that allows you to customize your timeline and stay organized. You can manage more than one account and have control over the interface.
Echofon– This Twitter app is available for iPhone and iPad and makes scaling through your tweets super simple. It also helps to avoid any duplication so you don’t have to worry about seeing stuff over and over again. So, your unread tweets are all in one place until you get ready to read them.

There are many more Twitter tools surfacing around, but these should get you going for what you need to make your Twitter experience more effective for your business. Happy Tweeting!!



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