This is a pretty cool service, from what I’ve seen so far. I’m not too hip when it comes to different technology but I’m learning about the ones that are beneficial to business owners who are home based or live a laptop lifestyle. I came across Google Cloud Print, which allows you to print any email from anywhere.

From the looks of it, all it takes is a single click from an Android or iPhone device. Most of us have one or the other so it makes it convenient to have.

What this technology app does is makes printing easier for travel pros or basically anyone on the go.

So the question is: How does all this work and could you benefit from it? Well, let’s dive right in.

How Does Google Cloud Print Work?

First off, you need either an Android or an iOS device. You also need a Windows PC computer connected to a printer. Mac hook up is now available also, so that’s a plus.

1. Download and install Google Chrome.

2. Connect Google Chrome to your printer in Chrome. A Google Cloud Ready printer is best for this to work or course.

Once you have that all done, you can print from any portable or even non-portable device by clicking “Print” in any email.

Remember that you need to use Gmail for this to work.

Once you’re set up, do a test print from your phone to make sure the connection is working properly. You can get more of the in depth deets here.

Here’s a quick look at it:

Who Will Benefit the Most from Google Cloud Print?

In addition to business owners and laptop entrepreneurs, there are other professionals that can take advantage of this app. Mostly, I would think it could be helpful to lawyers, executives, secretaries, assistants, real estate pros, and really just about anyone who might need to print emails for work purposes.

Since so many people read their emails on the go, including myself, it really doesn’t make sense to have to wait until you’re sitting at a computer to print everything out.

You now have the luxury to be able to read, delete, archive and print all your emails from a mobile device and Google Cloud Print allows you to do this.

Google Cloud Print for Office

If you have an office or business outside of the home, another use for Google Cloud Print would be to attach it to the printer in your office, provided you have one.

That way, anyone who needs to print on the go can use the office printer to print things out. This is ideal for a business with employees obviously.

1.You would create one email address that’s shared amongst employees.

2. Connect that email address to Google Cloud Print, and any employee can forward emails to that email address, print documents from any mobile device.

To make this simple and plain, you can effectively hook up a printer in a way that anyone working for you can print any document, no matter where they are.

What do you think? Would you benefit from using Google Cloud Print? Are you thinking about trying it out?

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