If you don’t think blogging is necessary in your online marketing arsenal, you are dead wrong. Not only is it a free marketing tactic, but it can also enable you to position yourself as a “know it all”, giving you more credibility and visibility than you could ever imagine. This is exactly what business owners need to increase their conversions.

I’m sure you’ve heard before that content is king. The truth is, content is everything. Some people find it hard to create content while others are solely focused on increasing their visibility online with a higher seo ranking. I won’t lie- this can be difficult if you’re not doing the right things.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s see.

I’ll put it this way: You can’t expect to get noticed by just putting up a blog and throwing some content on it. Your efforts need to go a little further than that.

What if you just put up a website and called it a day?

It’s sort of like a formal gathering meets an informal gathering with a group or a client. You can have a website where you tell your peeps all about your business, services, etc. It’s well-written and laid out. There’s a section for your products, memberships, newsletters, etc. Cool.

Now let’s say you added a blog to your business. This is where you can let your hair down and just be YOU. Blogging allows you to post information for your readers and brand yourself. Then you can get feedback in the form of comments on your posts AND discover suggestions can possibly enhance your business. Most importantly, people will get to know who you are.

This is why blogging should be used to its fullest potential.

I won’t get on my soapbox about why you need a blog so much as I’m sure you get the idea.

But how can you achieve higher seo rankings so people actually see your blog?


One thing you can start with is choosing a theme that is already seo optimized and ready to go like this one from MyThemeShop. They have tons of great themes and even some free ones that you can check out.

As far as your content goes- consistency is golden. Fresh is always better any way you look at it. This will keep your readers interested and have them coming back to visit repeatedly. Sprinkle your keywords throughout your posts so that spiders can crawl and rank you for higher seo rankings on search result pages.

Some people think less is more.

I agree with that most of the time, but I find that more content is better from a business perspective. Just saying.

Back links to your blog

You have your post and you have your URL. Now you want to take the opportunity and put links within your post (outright or with anchor text) that will lead back to your blog order levitra online cheap.

If you can, post on sites like Squidoo and Hubpages which are web 2.0 sites aka high traffic sites. Use links in your posts to back track to your blog from these sites to increase traffic.

If you go over to Alexa and register your site, you can keep track of your rankings and links by using their analytics.

Network with other bloggers to get more back links and do some guest posting. You can join networking groups or sites like Website Babble, Blog Synergy, BlogDash, and many more.

RSS Feed

This is an easier way for people who follow your blog to get the latest updates when you release posts. As you continue to increase your blog optins, your site traffic will increase. You can submit your feeds to a directory such as FeedBurner which is popular to most but also check out this list of directories here.

Blogs aren’t hard to set up and they are totally worth the effort. Start off small and build up from there. Continue to pump out quality content and take it even further with networking to get more traffic and higher seo rankings.


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Cheryl J. Moses is the founder of Online Marketing ROI and New Eminence.







Cheryl J. Moses is the founder of OnlineMarketingROI, New Eminence and the Female Empowered Entrepreneurs Living community which is designed for women of all walks of life who desire to want more, live more, and be more. Join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/feelcom.

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