Hopefully by now you’re pumped and ready to get your holiday marketing in gear for the holidays. It all starts with Halloween, so between then and Thanksgiving, you have time to iron out and glitches and get your delivery ready to go.

This is not the time to start designing a program but it is a great time for list building with free and/or discount offers. It may take a small investment, but it’s well worth it.

Let’s not forget about how important it is for you to make a good first impression. I’ve noticed a lot of marketers will use their personal name as the sender opposed to their company name. If you are just starting out with email marketing and you don’t really have an audience that knows who you are, you might want to consider using your brand or company name also.

Your subject line is just as important. You want high email open rates right? Of course. Using catchy phrases and words are key. Many subject line tools are available on the internet which can be of great use.

Try this…..

Make your first line, your best line. You not only want to grab the attention of your readers, you want to keep it.  It may take about thirty characters to get your message across. Sometimes less is more, so never ramble too much in your emails. Simple and authentic is always better.

Your special offer should be in the heart of your email. People often wait for the holidays to start buying products because of the great discounts. This is also the time to take advantage of getting more profits. As long as you have all of your email components into play, you should be good to go.

Here is a small checklist of the main stuff you need to include:

If you are not sure about all the components in holiday marketing, have a checklist as your guide. Spelling, grammar, contact information, etc, should always be on point. You don’t want to leave a link out or any important information for the reader. That would be a bummer.

It’s a good idea to have links to other offers and services also. Use the effects of your previous offers and customer testimonials to draw attention to your holiday marketing efforts.

Check your links! Make sure they are working. You can’t afford to lose sales after all your hard work.

Take a peek into what your competitors are offering. You could possibly design a better deal. Your readers want VALUE.

Mostly every one will be offering something like free shipping during the holiday season, so try to think of something which will make you stand out from the rest.

Note: There will be an overwhelming flow of emails during the festive season, and subscribers may get irritated. Be mindful of this because it can lead to many readers unsubscribing. But hey, if they aren’t going to buy from you anyway, unsubscribes can be a good thing. You don’t need people just sitting on your list, taking up space if they aren’t going to buy anything. 

Make your holiday marketing full of great deals to get the most ROI. Your loyal customers will surely appreciate it.

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