There’s no doubt that mompreneurs are passionate about doing business, but there comes a time when every business owner experiences a glitch in their concentration and their ability to focus falters. A lot of times, that lack of concentration puts a damper on the energy used for the day. Some people even have a difficult time getting started which can throw off the rest of the day. 

This can be a struggle that results in zero concentration all day long. Taking steps to increase your focus on a daily basis can be a huge benefit in getting more things done. For real.

There are many ways to tackle this issue so let’s explore some tried and true strategies to improve your focus during the day so you can get more things done in your business.


Drink What You Prefer: Coffee or Tea

There’s no need to be excessive but a cup will surely help. Believe it or not, the morning coffee/tea habit does more than just wake you up.

That small spike of caffeine will help you focus on your morning projects. On the other hand, too much caffeine can actually make it worst on your concentration levels. You absolutely do not want to feel jittery, anxious and too energetic. It’s best that you test to see how much caffeine is right for you.

The morning is surely better than the afternoon, because coffeine can also cause sleep deprivation. You may get a burst of energy and an ability to concentrate, but you don’t want it to affect your sleep by drinking it too late in the day. Caffeine consumed later in the day can affect your ability to fall and stay asleep.

Now if you’re a night owl, it might be a good idea to have a cup to keep you up. Entrepreneurs hardly ever get any sleep from working to finish tasks and complete projects, so it all depends on your schedule. A good 12 to 16 hours before you need to get some sleep should be the ideal time to have caffeine.

Plenty of Exercise

The truth about it: Exercise stimulates blood flow. It also releases hormones that can help you stay energetic, focused and productive.

Regular exercise is essential and is recommended for energy that lasts and better concentration. Once again, when you get it done all depends on your schedule. If the morning is your most productive time of the day, then it would probably be best to get it done during the afternoon or evening.

And what’s good about it is that you don’t have to run 3 miles to make it beneficial. A simple walk or job for twenty minutes will have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. The more you exercise consistently the more you will begin to see the benefits overall.

You Are What You Eat

Along with exercise comes the wonderful food you must eat to be healthy. You already know that the food you eat affects your health. It also affects your ability to focus. Cut down on foods that are high on the glycemic index because they are high in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

They burn quickly in your body and cause your blood sugar to spike making you not feel so good. Consider keeping a journal on how you feel after taking these foods out of your diet. This means you’ll spend more time eating fruits, veggies, lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Don’t eat any junk food at all and see how you feel. This is the only way you can see the difference and stay on track. Chances are you’re going to feel much more effective, productive and focused. Food has a very real effect on your ability to concentrate.


 Here are some other ways to improve your focus during a workday…


  •  Take breaks frequently- do some stretching and move your body during these breaks especially if you’ve been  sitting awhile.
  •  Get a good sleep or take power naps.
  •  Prioritize tasks and work on one task at a time.
  •  Maintain a clean office space and de-clutter.
  •  Create a daily schedule or checklist for what needs to be done and check items off as you go.

If you’re able to focus, the more productive your day will be. Productivity means more profit and more satisfaction in business. Adjusting your daily habits to increase your focus can make a world of difference. ijs

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