If you have been trying to improve website traffic without paying for it, you must know by now that participating in online communities is one of the best ways.

There are many different types of online communities that you can join and most will help you get a certain amount of traffic to your site. For this article, I will focus on only three types.

Most commonly, new site owners try to promote their website by subscribing to an online forum or a news site such as Reddit, Slashdot or Digg.

Photo Courtesy of The SEO Portal

Photo Courtesy of The SEO Portal



In addition, there are two other types of overlooked communities that can help you drive lots of traffic to your website and that includes social search engines and social bookmarking sites.

When it comes to using an online forum or news site as part of your marketing campaign it is important that you remember the most essential rule…. and that is…do not spam.

Make sure that you are actively participating in the discussion and that you are not there just to promote your website. Many of these forums such as Slashdot and Digg use a moderation system that allows other users to give your posting such a low score that the vast majority of people will never see it. This is what will happen to you if you spam the forum other than of course getting banned all together.

If you add meaningful comments to a discussion, other users will become interested in what else you have to say and they will visit your website either via your signature or your profile.

In addition, social search engines have recently been gaining popularity. The internet consists of billions of websites and dishonest site owners have been busy keyword optimizing their sites just to profit from Adsense.

In an effort to avoid this madness internet users were coming together in social search engines such as Rollyo.com, (which has closed its doors), to create a searchable collection of websites with useful content.

If you are a site/blog owner and you want to promote your content rich site and your search engine optimization is not working, then you might want to consider submitting your website to one of these social search engines.

Also, social bookmarking sites such as Delicious are very popular and you can definitely use them to promote your site. In social bookmarking, you store links to your favorite websites online so you can access them from any computer that you are using.

Most importantly, you can make your collection of links public so that others can also use them. In addition, you specify a set of tags for each link that you submit. You and other people can use these tags to search for links of similar interest to their own. This is how you can promote your site. Simply bookmark your site and tag it with the most relevant keywords. There are also some alternatives to using Delicious that you can find here.

When other people start searching and using certain keywords, your site will come up and they might pay you a visit. If people enjoy your website, they might bookmark it themselves increasing the chances that others will come across it.

It might seem like a long shot, but you can use sites like SocialAdr for ease of use.


10 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website



Sharing On Facebook

Using your Facebook page will improve website traffic, and even though it’s a small thing, it can bring huge results. There are many things you can share on Facebook such as photos, quotes, blog posts, news, etc. This is a good place to start connecting and networking.

Start a Twitter Contest

Since Twitter reaches over 100 million active users, this will definitely get the attention you need. Get active with your followers and encourage participation. You will surely gain new followers. Don’t forget to look up the rules and regulations first so that you don’t violate them.


Video marketing is huge right now. Keep making videos! Link your videos to your site in the description area. Videos are at the top of the line when it comes to traffic so you can’t lose with this.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are the quickest way to build a list and get traffic. Create a digital product or a free product to give away. Do your research first to see which solo ad providers really deliver.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO will do the trick if you do it correctly. The keywords you choose are a critical part of getting traffic. This should not be neglected…ever!


Give yourself a 90 day challenge. Post every single day, and watch your site progressively get more traffic. If you post content, you want people to notice it. Being consistent in your blogging, will bring you plenty of visitors.

Stay Updated

If you want to improve website traffic TODAY, keep up with what’s currently going on. People use the internet daily looking for events and news that are currently happening.


Fiverr is a good place to start. For just $5 you can have someone provide you with backlinks to bring more traffic to your site. This is an alternative for trying to network and get people to post links to your site.

Promote Online/Offline

You can ask your friends and family to visit your site and every time you get a friend on Facebook or Twitter, ask that person to visit your site as well. Do this with every person you meet.

Put Your Website Link In Your Signature/Bio

If you use forums as a form of marketing, then make sure your URL is in your signature so that people can click on it.
Also, if you write articles for content marketing, post your link in your bio as well.

If you stick to these methods, you won’t really starve for traffic to your site. But there’s always more that you can do to improve website traffic quickly. Find out how, here.

Always be consistent and you will surely see a difference.


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