Many entrepreneurs look away from Twitter simply because they don’t “get it” as far as how to use it in a beneficial way. But…Twitter is a great platform to conduct your market research. Every single business has a target market, but some business owners often miss the mark because they aren’t doing the work to find out the true needs of their market.

Contrary to what some people think, Twitter can be used to easily tune in to the needs of your prospects, the issues they are currently facing, and the kind of help that they need.

So here’s the deal- Whenever you follow someone new on Twitter, try to establish a rapport from the start. Your mind should be thinking like your customer at this point.
You buy from people who you know, like and trust. And sometimes you buy from people who were referred by people you know, like, and trust. Well, your target market does the same exact thing. It is highly important, especially in this social era that you get to know your prospects, potential clients, and clients to gain their trust and confidence.

Now, a good rule of thumb is to try and keep at least 92% of your tweets full of valuable, relevant content and the rest can be used for promotions. If you constantly promote, you’ll only be looked at as being spammy and all about you, and nobody will flock to that behavior.

Your goal is to attract more followers and convert the ones you have into customers/clients.

How do you show up on Twitter? Post quality (relevant) content on your blogs, website and other blog or magazine type sites and then share the info with your followers. Use an automated tool like Hootsuite or SocialOomph (the one I use) to set your Tweets up and schedule them to be ready to go throughout the day and week. There’s an entire list of other Twitter tools here.

Other offers- educational materials, seminars, video training and networking events are also good. Use Bitly to shorten your links since there is a character limit of 140 (the one thing that gets on my nerves about Twitter). On the flip side, the character limit can be a good thing for people who are into bite size content, not to mention it forces you to get to the point.

And then there’s Periscope for all of you livestreamers out there. Since it links up with Twitter, this is another way to increase your following, get more content out there, and utilize a strong call to action on your broadcast.

Just like Instagram, you have to figure out the hashtag part of the platform. It’s really the only way you’ll benefit from playing on there.

For instance, if you’re business is about Relationship Coaching, you wouldn’t go on Twitter Tweeting about weight loss UNLESS it pertains to losing weight to get a spouse or something like that. So basically, the relevance has to be there. While you don’t necessarily have a lot of space to put your personality in your content, you have to look at the platform as a way of driving traffic to your content pieces.

In other words, make sure your Tweets are interesting enough so that people click on your links. And in between posting links, post helpful tips, useful resources, etc., to stay visible.

Give yourself at least 90 days to get some traction with this. Nothing happens overnight, so be patient. If you still feel as if your audience is hanging out somewhere else, play MORE on THAT platform. It doesn’t hurt to still stay visible on Twitter and automate your Tweets for traffic reasons if anything.

Ok so let’s recap:

►Think of Twitter as a way to generate traffic and get leads.
►Use hashtags that are conducive to your area of business (target market).
►Build a rapport with new followers (Not all of your followers will respond. That’s ok. Keep it moving).
►Give valuable content and promote your offers without overdoing it.
►Stay visible. Automate your Tweets to save time. (Use Hootsuite or SocialOomph). There’s other options in this post
►Create a strategy: This depends on how much traffic you want to generate. 10 Tweets a day, 20 Tweets a day, etc., it’s up to you.
**Note: If you decide to Retweet or repeat your Tweets at any given time, use different hashtags so your message gets in front of other people.
Keep a list of which hashtags work best for you and reaches your market. Use them to your advantage.

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