Know Your Worth: Kick Self-Doubt Out!

Do you sometimes feel like you are a work in progress?  Do you feel the need to keep improving AND proving yourself and then find yourself in a whirlwind of despair because you just never feel like you measure up? Speaking for myself, this was my reality not too long ago. And during this time, there were a number of things going on around me that reflected all of these feelings.


My house was a mess and I was too lazy to clean it most times.


I gained weight due to emotional eating habits.


I sat in confusion and didn’t get much done in my business.  


I cried a lot.


I was depressed.


It’s hard to admit, but it’s the truth.


We all need to find freedom in knowing that we are imperfect, and it’s ok. While we all have room to grow and develop; the most freeing of all realities about ourselves that we need to absorb and accept is that we are a unique and beautiful. You can say that again!


There is no one quite like you or me, on this earth, and there never will be. Period.


Let’s just accept it and make the good in us better, ok?


I mean, really, without this perspective, we will constantly strive to find some kind of self-acceptance, which will make it hard to move much beyond this point in our lives.


An old African proverb reminds us that if we don’t have any enemies inside us, then no external enemies can cause us harm or hurt. Have you noticed when things are going well on the inside and you are feeling secure and happy with life, things that go wrong in your life don’t seem to be so bad, but when you are feeling bad about yourself, things are so different? The world seems to take on a much darker feeling and it’s more difficult to cope when things are not going right?


Speaking of things going wrong….Just the other day, my son and I were on our way out the door to go to school. After dropping him off, I had to go and meet with a local business owner to talk about partnership and growing her business/brand online. My son went out the door first, and as soon as I stepped one foot out the door, down I went. The step was so slippery because of all the rain we were having, I fell, and I fell hard. And in the process of me falling, I made him fall too. He’s 4, so of course he cried. We were both soaked, but went on to get in the car and go.


My thoughts about this:


I didn’t reinjure my left knee (thank God).

My son didn’t have any scratches on him and didn’t get hurt.

I didn’t lock myself out of the house (keys were in my hand the whole time).

I didn’t feel the after effect until the next day (so I was able to get up and take care of business that day).


What am I saying? When your mindset changes, so does your attitude, so does the love you have for yourself, and so does your ability to look at the positive side of things that go wrong. Do your self-work, it’s worth it!


Learn to love yourself and to appreciate how unique you are. Watch how your environment changes, how your confidence changes, and how much you start doing things that make you happy.


Because truthfully, many of the things we DON’T DO that are for our own benefit and enrichment are because deep down inside we don’t think we are good enough or worthy enough to do these things for ourselves.  That’s a bunch of BS!


Challenge those thoughts TODAY – Start by choosing one thing you want to do for you. – Simply because you are worth it! This doesn’t have to be a battle if you don’t make it that way. Try looking in the mirror when you get up to start your day and tell your reflection what you want the world to know… You are worth it darling!


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