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We’re getting busy in the new year pretty quick, and with the ups and downs business owners have faced this past year, it had me thinking about something made sense when I first started doing business from home, and it totally makes sense even now. I decided to put my focus on pouring into people enormously about obtaining security and stability in their online businesses more so than anything else. Creating a residual income is definitely a part of the equation. And with a membership site, it’s soooo doable.

It’s never a bad idea to create passive income as you work online from home or from your office outside the home. For me, sitting at my
desk or on the bed with my laptop as I sip on my favorite hot chocolate is right up my alley. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I’m just the lazy-preneur that enjoys that type of simplicity. Add a little bit of what I call “ratchet tv” (reality shows) in there and it’s all she wrote.

Earning extra income is hardly something that people will ignore. Watch the video to find out more about setting up a passive income stream with a membership site whether you are in business or haven’t started yet.

Notes to Remember: (some of this is not mentioned in the video)

You have the option of becoming an affiliate to other membership sites. Check Clickbank and JVzoo for possibilities. I would suggest having an email list and continuing to grow an email list if you’re going to do this.

You have the option of choosing from different plugins if you’re going to use a WordPress site. Wishlist, Amember, and Memberpress are mentioned in the video.

You can choose to use platforms that are not associated with WordPress, such as Teachable, Zenler, and Thinkific. I’ve also used Udemy for a few of my courses. If you use Udemy, be sure to join Udemy Facebook groups for tips and to get people into your course with a discount. This will help you get some immediate reviews and praise for your content.

If you plan on using your WordPress site, I’m suggesting the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. I use this for all of my website designs and sales pages for clients. It’s super simple and full of modern elements to make your site amazing.

Figure out how you are going to deliver your content before you start. Whether it’s audio, video, or text, do your research first to see what your target market prefers.

For audio, you can use a free tool such as Free Conference Call to record and download your content. You can also use Instant Teleseminar which has a free trial. Audio Acrobat is another option that has a free trial.

For video, you can use Camtasia or Screencast O Matic. All you need is a video camera such as Logitech Pro which is the one I use along with a Blue Snowball cardioid microphone .

That’s pretty much it. It really does pay to work online from home and this is really easy to do once you figure out the other stuff. If you have any questions or any more suggestions for membership sites, let us know in the comments.

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