Update: This is an older post that I’ve moved over from my previous blog. It still has some valuable tips for overcoming overwhelm while being both a mom and mompreneur.  My son is 5 years old now and in school so that’s what has changed in the household. I find that working in increments of one to two hours, is  A LOT better than trying to get it all done in one setting. It’s impossible to do everything at once. Overall, all of these tips work really well when trying to juggle both hats. See what works best for you! xx

Ok, so lately I’ve been having this feeling of being ‘stuck‘. And it’s not just about being stuck in my business. This time it’s a lot more than that. I’ve been in this place before but not to this extent. I’m talking about being stuck in my head and in the house as well.

Although I’ve been into online business for the past five years, I have my moments where I feel restrained and don’t know what to do next. Hmmm, shall we say…”overwhelm“?

But aside from that, I realize that I have to get to the root of the problem in order to resolve the issue. The first thing on my list is time management. I’ve discussed time management in several ‘work from home’ blog posts and somehow I lost my way with it.




One of the reasons for this is the change at home. My little man is growing and developing each and every day and it can be challenging at times. My nerves just aren’t like they used to be and mainly because I’m so anxious to get to where I want to be in my business.

So, I decided to look a little deeper and embrace the fact that I CAN be at home with my toddler and it CAN be a rewarding experience. This is what it was always about since the beginning of me deciding to stay home with him, which is something I didn’t get a chance to do with my daughter when she was little.

Seeing this little person grow each day has made me smile and has also been entertaining. Keep in mind that I never really had to deal with such an active toddler before so it gets interesting sometimes.

Even though he is only two, what I’ve noticed about him is that when my tone of voice changes, he reacts to that change. He might have a tantrum, scream, cry, and even throw things.

Here’s the lesson: We as parents need to embrace our children as much as possible by showing them affection with hugs and kisses starting at birth. If you see those cheeks just know that I’ve been kissing them from day one. This is extremely important in their development.

I’m also seeing his progression in saying his numbers and letters. He’s talking more and starting to repeat things so I need to watch what I say 🙂

Being engaged with him during our time together has been exciting for the both of us. He loves when I sing the songs from the programs we watch and just loves to be around mom. And that means so much more to me than anything else.

What I’ve learned from all of this is that our time is just as important if not more than the time I spend trying to figure out what to do in my business. Getting organized by planning is good, but plans don’t always unfold the way you would like the to.

I watched a video the other day on YouTube about a woman who was a single mom and she had been working on her online business for the past four years or so but couldn’t figure out where the glitch was. This was because she was too busy trying to keep up with everybody else instead of focusing on her situation and how to work her business around her life and not the other way around.

A lot of times we see other people doing so much and getting so far but we don’t realize that their situation may be different from ours. They might have more support from a spouse or family, or they might not even have any children and they can sit in front of the computer all day.

The most important thing you can do is do what you can with the time that you have. It’s ok if everything you planned on doing doesn’t get done when you want it to. Time management can be hard when you work from home and sometimes impossible.

As I thought more about this, I decided to try out different things to see what’s going to work and what’s not.

  • Get up earlier than usual and prepare my content for the day. (So far this hasn’t worked as it’s the middle of the day and my Pooh is right next to me as I write this).
  • Work in one hour segments for a total of four hours. (I’ll try to increase it from time to time when needed).
  • Set my goals for the week on Sunday evenings.
  • Learn something new daily via webinar, video, etc.
  • Create my trainings, products, piece by piece (after everyone’s bedtime) until complete without rushing.

As I start thinking differently in terms of getting more done with the time that I have, I’ll start to see things evolve and the use of my time will be better.

Remember: Family first, everything else second. Even if you work from home full time but you’re not where you want to be right now, you will get there. Don’t stress yourself out to keep up with everybody else, just work at your own pace to keep yourself in a happier place.

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