Branding Motif


This package includes 4  one hour sessions in a 30 day period. Each session will consist of moving you forward in developing your ideal brand. 

This includes:

Your message-Use the power of content marketing and combine it with branding. What it means is that you need to think of your content as a product and treat it that way. Your content requires the same type of careful, strategic planning that you give to the products and services you sell. It needs a certain look and feel to make it recognizable as your own.

Fonts-Use fonts, colors and effects to make your brand’s images more recognizable.

Images– Your images should always fit your style. Whether they’re used as a background image or a regular post, it’s important to pick a consistent theme. We will look into images that fit your brand’s personality.

Colors– If you look at the images of any well-known brand, you’ll see that they use the same colors consistently—in their logo, in their text, even in their images. That consistency is what helps people recognize who they are.

Logo– We’ll make sure you’re creating an awesome vibe with your logo.

Consistent Composition– One way to develop brand recognition is to create templates. Templates make it easier for you to create new images quickly,AND they’re also great for user engagement.


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