I realize that SEO might be a little too much for some people but as I’m redesigning my client’s site to get it ranked on Google,
(for more traffic and sales of course) I jotted down some useful research tips that you can do yourself or have your VA do it.

This list can get looong so here’s a start.

1. Look to see how your website can stand out from others in your niche: Is there a call to action visible as soon as someone lands on your site? Your incredible opt-in works best if it’s before the fold.

2. Use the space on your homepage effectively: Don’t just try to fill it up with stuff. And please, don’t hype up your business in this space.

3. Look to see what pages are on the website: Use content pages to describe your services and who you serve, instead of having them all on one page. You can do this with your FAQ’s as well.

4. Slow loading sites can have an impact on SEO and rankings: Use tools such as Make the Web Faster or Pingdom.

5. Make sure the site is mobile friendly: Google is not playing!

6. Use Google Search and type in your site to see what comes up: See if you have a positive presence and online reputation. Look for strengths and weaknesses.

7. Use Google Analytics to see how much traffic you’re getting: See what your top landing pages are, keywords that are being used by visitors, where the traffic is coming from, etc.

I won’t make this super long here, but hopefully you get the idea of what can help your site get better with traffic and all.


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