Over this past week I’ve been going through some of my old business magazines, reading articles about successful entrepreneurs and how they are getting business exposure.

So as I was reading this article about Justin Bieber and his ventures, he talks about how his brand came to be.

Now even though he has the money to invest in anything in the world, he says “I’m not going to invest in something I don’t like; I have to believe in the product” -Forbes.

This is so important when you consider putting your name on something because if you are doing business online or offline or both, people are constantly looking at you and looking at what you’re doing.

Another thing that is important is staying true to your fan base, if you have one established.

One other point Bieber mentioned was this: “Social media helped launch my career. Without the internet and without YouTube, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to put my music out there and have people hear it.” -Forbes.

As you continuously engage in social networking (the key word is engage), a community will develop around you, and certain people will establish themselves as more influential than others.

Social networking can be a powerful marketing tool so utilize it to make it work for you. I’ve been an introvert for the majority of my life but I force myself to open up to people to build relationships that will benefit me in the long run.

Utilize social media platforms as much as possible. Plant seeds, water them, and they will grow.

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