Digital Products- If you’re not doing this already, you wanna always start working on a product of your own.

This is how you level up your income…

First of all, forget about full blown expertise and competition.

You have to face your fear that the market is saturated or that you can’t hold up to someone else in your niche. Nobody cares about that but you – and you’re using it as an excuse not to put yourself out there.

There might be 1,000 books – or 10,000 – on your topic. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write one, too. People who are into a certain niche don’t read just one book and stop.

They educate themselves about a topic thoroughly. For example, if you suffer from panic and anxiety, you’ll want to read dozens of books and pick up tips from each one that work for you.

Pregnant women don’t just buy “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” They buy several books that help prepare for the upcoming event in different ways. In most niches, people are looking for fresh ideas or different slants, rather than “professional titles” of the author.

Look at competition as a sign of health in the niche. It means there’s so much interest, that everybody is trying to meet the demand. So you wanna jump right in and share your goods, too!




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