I’ve noticed how people get more concerned with the wrong things when it comes to social media and selling. Here are just some reminders as we end this week and get ready to tackle the one coming up.


This is the truth. It’s funny how we always tend to associate success with a large number. If you have a small following or low click through rate, it doesn’t seem to feel to good.

However, it’s good to know that having thousands of fans or followers does not necessarily translate into sales. Do you want “likes” or do you want sales? Sales I’m sure.

Even if you are not promoting a business and you have thousands of friends, it does not mean that you are going to have more social interactions, especially if you do not have anything in common.

Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to buy likes or buy your followers, period. Spending time looking for followers just to grow your numbers when they have no interest in you or your products is a waste of time.


Instead of just being direct to sell your products or services, engage your followers in conversation.

Comment on the posts of other pages as well. Get to know who your audience is so that you know what they want and can better serve them.

Social media takes a different approach than other web based techniques such as email marketing, which is also excellent for building relationships. The point is, you have to sell yourself as well as your business.



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