Use personal testimonials – A test of a good product is one that the seller will use themselves. If you have tried it, tell your customers about your experience. In addition to that great content you are writing, place personal snippets about you.

Use client feedback – Provide a place for this on your website. But, don’t just record it; read it and use it. In blog posts and new content, mention issues that clients have brought up. Lay out plans to improve based on their comments.

Use good customer service skills – Respond in 24 hours to any customer complaint. Offer satisfactory policies to help the customer, such as money-back guarantees or fair exchanges.

Offer contests and incentives – On your blog or Facebook page host mini-contests or incentives for those who sign up for new promotions. Also send out coupon codes to be used at certain times of the year when customers spend over a certain amount.

What are the needs of your customers? SERVE THAT.



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