Just the other day I was talking to a client about her mindset challenges and I thought it was so interesting to say the least to see how easy it is for us to feel as if we don’t deserve the life we want.

It made me think of all the limitations I use to place on myself…things that held me back and kept me hidden for a long time. I’m so thankful that my thoughts do not operate in a fixed type of mindset anymore.

While I worked at a job for years and went to college hoping to gain a career, I still felt very limited. I felt like I wasn’t really living the life I wanted.

I didn’t know about how to think in an “it’s possible” type of way, and even though I often thought about having my own business, doubt would always creep in, and fear would get in the way of me taking any action.

Nobody wants to fail, but if you don’t take risks, you’ll never be able to get even close to the success that you desire or to another level in your life. If you start thinking like “it’s possible”, you will learn how to accept your failures and move on opposed to being victimized by them.

I know that taking risks can sometimes make you feel a little uneasy, but you have to open your mind to possibilities. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Once you do that, it gets real. Accept where you are now in the process, but focus on getting to the other side.


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