Spiritual growth is an important aspect of a Christian’s journey into their faith because where we once were before we were Christians, to where we are now is, in of itself, an exciting change. These changes that we encounter help strengthen our faith in God, our love for ourselves and our love for our neighbors also. Spiritual growth can cover all different areas of our lives, not just about our own personal selves, but also our relationships with others, our work, our hobbies, our family, everything. The foundation to all of this is our faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

I have been a born-again Christian, a believer of The Lord Jesus Christ, for 4 years now. Where I was at the start of my faith to where I am now, there have been some drastic changes, all for the better though. Before I was saved, I called myself a Christian from time to time, I believed in God, but I never truly had faith in Jesus, or even read or understood the gospel. 

Growing up, I would often pray to God, but it stopped there. I lived a very worldly, sinful lifestyle, living the life that God did not intend for me to have. I went through some pretty bad experiences with friendships, relationships, family and my health. It wasn’t until around this time four years ago that the truth of the gospel, of The Lord Jesus Christ and all He has done for us, for me, was preached to me. It truly changed my life from that day onwards, for the better. 

I once swore like a sailor, followed famous people on social media, desiring to be like them, hating myself and hating others, to becoming a more modest, loving, friendly, kind individual. God worked through me, and changed me, the moment that I came to Him and put all of my faith in Him. I used to follow the latest trends in my scene, do whatever I could to fit in and follow suit. I fornicated, I interacted with the wrong crowds, I was stupid and vulnerable and got myself hurt a lot, all because I didn’t have God in my life. I didn’t have faith in Jesus. I wasn’t born-again. When I came to God, all of this, absolutely all of this changed. I made friends with other Christians, got involved in online ministries, simply to have better influences around me, compared to the people I once had in my life. 

During this spiritual journey I started on, I was with a man who did not treat me right, but proclaimed to have faith in Jesus also. I went through so much with him, and I won’t go into detail about it, but I will say this: God was with me throughout this entire relationship, watching over me, hearing me, answering my prayers and protecting me. I still was so far from perfect, but the person I was becoming was so different than the person I once was. 

Towards the end of this relationship, I fell pregnant, and I suffered from domestic violence. I had to leave, and return home to my parents. God was there for me throughout all of this, and He protected me and my unborn child. His grace and His mercy is so strong, and so wonderful to receive, even though we do not deserve it at all. Transitioning from this person I was, to becoming a born-again Christian, to suffering in an abusive relationship, to becoming a new mum, expecting her first child, and raising it alone, my faith has allowed me to persevere and strengthen myself in knowing that I can count on God to guide me accordingly. 

I matured, I grew up, I realized that I needed to change and to do better, because my life became all about my child, and no longer about myself. God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl, and has been showing me each and every day through His Word and through others about what my purpose in life is and how He is going to direct me, and my daughter, to do everything according to His Will and not my own. 

My spiritual journey is not over. I am still growing, still changing, and still learning. Many of my Christian friends would tell you that the person that I am now, is different than the person I once was at the start of this journey into the Christian faith. I am so thankful for everything that I went through, and even continue to go through each and every day. It is a blessing to experience trials to learn from and grow from. Whatever it is that God has install for me, I will make sure that I follow through. I want to become the person that He created me to be, and far away from the person that I created myself, that only caused harm, not good. 

I hope and pray that anyone of the Christian faith reads this and rejoices knowing that our identities are in Jesus, and through His grace, His love and His mercy, we are able to grow, and to change in order to do God’s Will and be who He created us to be. Our spiritual growth is an ongoing journey, but it is every-so rewarding to seek the truth, follow the truth and even preach the truth to others as well. 

  spiritual journey
My name is Sacha and I am a single mother to my beautiful daughter, Rebekah. I am a Christian mum blogger helping and encouraging other single mothers such as myself on my blog Raising Rebekah. 
I also am a freelance writer for Apples of Gold. You can find more of me at: www.raisingrebekah.com

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