A lot of entrepreneurs are stumped when it comes down to writing great sales pages that convert. I mean, sales page that convert a potential buyer into an actual customer so your copy has to be GOOD.

When you look at most sales pages, they usually take a prospect through several phases. This is because there is a formula to writing an effective sales page, so that it works, and works well. It starts off with curiosity and ends with a purchase.

Although it might seem difficult and tedious, there are a few key factors that must be included if you choose do write a sales page yourself. Remember, this is always something that can be outsourced but for your own reference and business it’s important for you to know about anything that can affect your business. Agree?

Headlines that Reign

This is what will grab your reader’s attention so it has to rock! It is also known as the most important element of the entire sales page. I guess that makes sense since it IS the first thing your prospect will see. Unfortunately, if the headline is well put together, you could end up losing a customer.

You can find out more about writing a sassy headline, here. The most important thing you can do is identify what problems your readers are facing and let them know how your product or service solves that problem.

Emotions are on Fiyah!

Most people are so drawn by their emotions and this is the main reason why they buy in the first place. If you can give them something that will make them look better, feel better, look smarter, or feel secure, then you just may have the solution to their problem. Buying decisions are based on emotions. And who are the main buyers in the world? Women/moms. The logical part is what justifies the decision to purchase.

Proof is in the Pudding

Proof says ” I got you” and is exactly what you want to help your prospect buy your product/service. There are several different forms of proof that you can use such as data and statistics to help back you up.

You can also justify the price to get the sale. Some people look at numbers differently. If a number is too large, they think it’s expensive and too much to afford. If you break it down for them and say something like, “it’s $3.57 a day which is less than a McDonald’s Happy Meal”, that will justify the price and make prospects perceive it better.

A great form of proof which reigns on a sales page, are testimonials. I’ve bought several products that piqued my interest just based on testimonials. If you aren’t familiar with what a testimonial is, it’s a short rave review from a customer or client, present or past. If you can get an endorsement from an expert in your industry, that’s even better. Both of these will help lead a prospect to click on that “buy now” button.

Never Leave Out a Call to Action

If you do not have a call to action, your sales page is incomplete. Period. That Buy Now or Yes, Let Me In button is the command that tells the reader what you want them to do next. Actually, you should have that button a few times within your sales page. This way, people who are ready to buy will not have to wait until the end of the page to make the purchase.

Images Make a Sales Page Pop

What you don’t want to have is a boring sales page with no oomph. It really won’t do anything for you and it may not keep your reader’s attention too long. Yes, headlines will grab their attention but you need to keep their attention also.

Here is an example of minisite with images that stand out.





Here is an awesome deal on graphics packages if you want something that’s already done for you.

If you really want to look like a rock star, include a video on your sales page. Video is the top marketing solution for businesses and a lot of people aren’t doing them. This is where you can shine, be different, and give people that personal connection.



As for finding images, you can find free stock photos online at Dreamstime or use Google images to include in your message. You can even sign up on iStockphoto site to get free images. All it takes are 2 or 3 images that will make your page pop.

If you include all of these ingredients on your sales page, you will have high conversions which means more money in the bank. Your copy doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to be on point.

Think about it in terms of writing a conversational piece or a letter to a friend. Tell a story to make it even more interesting. Remember, people want that personal connection with a REAL person. Sales pages that convert depends on it!

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