According to, more than 1.8 billion web users access social media sites since 2014 began, and the number keeps on growing.

The majority of business owners, both small and large, are now using social media networking sites to grow and promote their enterprises.
As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you know how to effectively use social media to a) prevent you from wasting your time updating your Facebook page, and b) stop you from sending out tweets when no one really has any interest in reading them.


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Here are 4 social media tips you should be paying attention to:


 Numbers really aren’t everything.

This is the truth. It’s funny how we always tend to associate success with a large number. If you have a small following or low click through rate, it doesn’t seem to feel to good. However, it’s good to know that having thousands of fans or followers does not necessarily translate into sales. Do you want “likes” or do you want sales? Sales I’m sure.

Even if you are not promoting a business and you have thousands of friends, it does not mean that you are going to have more social interactions, especially if you do not have anything in common.

Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to buy likes or buy your followers, period.
Spending time looking for followers just to grow your numbers when they have no interest in you or your products is a waste of time.


Stick with the basics.

With so many people using social media, you can achieve much in terms of promotion with Facebook and Twitter. There’s no need to be on every social network when most internet users stay on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is another site that is growing at a massive rate and is great for staying visual in the marketplace.
Also, be limited when it comes to your efforts. Link your profiles together to make things easier. For example, you can have your twitter page link to your blog and Facebook page.


Instead of just being direct to sell your products or services, engage your followers in conversation.

Comment on the posts of other pages as well. Get to know who your audience is so that you know what they want and can better serve them. Social media takes a different approach than other web based techniques such as email marketing, which is also excellent for building relationships. The point is, you have to sell yourself as well as your business.


Have integrity.
Refrain from writing fake positive reviews to gain popularity. It’s just not cool. Savvy social media users will see through this and it could harm your reputation.

The last thing you need is a tarnished online rep. Not to mention, word gets around quickly. One thing I can suggest also is to communicate effectively with your audience. If you make a mistake, own up to it. People respect you more when you can be truthful and authentic.

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