I wanted this post to be less about actual business and more about mindset since that’s where everything starts anyway. 

You may have not accomplished all of your biz goals or life goals this year, I know I didn’t and I’m big on goal setting and getting shit done. But sometimes you bite off more than you can chew and I’ll raise my hand to that too.

Truth is, I didn’t accomplish ANY of what I had planned on doing at the beginning of the year. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, to me anyway. 

But here’s why….

  • I didn’t own up to my skills until late this year. It’s like I was fighting myself the entire year because I wanted to do other things and make them happen quickly. Epic fail.
  • In the 4th quarter I brushed my shoulders off and got confident in what I know. Now, I’m focusing on building out my business based on that instead of the next chapter which will come in due time. 
  • I didn’t partner with a good friend on a business venture. I listened to my intuition on that note. 
  • I stopped doing what didn’t feel authentic just because mentors said it would work. Well, that’s not always the case for everyone. 
  • I dove deep into self-discovery rather than chasing shiny objects like I used to do. Those were some crazy days. 

I figured, maybe now…no, now IS the time to refocus and recharge to get back on the grind but in a better and more productive way.

Get a plan in place.

Real talk, if you expect to be successful in any freaking thing, having a plan to implement should be coupled with that. Don’t just expect it and wait for things to happen on assumptions. If you fail to plan you plan to fail – a statement that we all know is very true.

You can start by creating a clear outline of what you would like to achieve, daily. There is power in the pen. Just writing it out will help.

Small tasks will keep you in motion and you’ll eventually end up on the other side of it. I learned this the hard way and every time I would set myself up for failure and disappointment with so many large goals to achieve.

You can do this.

At the end of the day it’s about exercising that self-control muscle of yours. It takes THAT and discipline to accomplish anything.


Here’s the beginning of a much needed vision board. I call it my inspiration and motivation board. 



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