Press releases can be a huge benefit to you and your business if you do things correctly. I remember spending hours trying to figure out how to write it correctly and then a few more hours getting the courage up to actually publish it. Even though I’m a copywriter, I wasn’t 100% confident about doing a press release. But like anything else, I dove in and gave it a shot until I got it working for me. If you don’t ever let your guard down and take the risk, you’ll miss out on what will make you money. I’m going to share with you some of the things I’ve learned along the way on how to submit press releases.

First of all, there are two different ways that you can acquire a well formatted and high quality press release for your product or business…. creating the press release yourself, or having some other website or person to create one for you.

When it comes to creating your own press release there are certain things that you need to know and do before you start actually creating it. Let’s go over some guidelines when it comes to the formatting a press release correctly because that’s what you need to know.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that in your press release you need to always speak in third-person. Speaking in first-person is a big no-no when it comes to creating a press release that will be both effective AND keeps your readers reading down the page and interested.

Press releases are meant to be brief – short and to the point, with a 500 word maximum.  Another thing to keep in mind is making sure that you have accuracy in the details that you are displaying in your press release.

As for the actual flow of your press release you want to start out your press release with a compelling pre-headline.  A pre-headline should be only a single line and is a very short phrase containing only a few words to interest readers to keep on reading.

Examples of these types of headlines are going to be like, “Coming Soon…” or “Set for New and Immediate Release…”

After your pre-headline you then want to add an eye catching headline that can ask a question or brings up a problem that someone might be having.

Examples of these types of headlines are, “Do You Really Know Everything There Is To Know About Affiliate Marketing?” or “Who Knew That YouTube’s 800,000 Viewers Would Create A Steady Stream Of Traffic To Your Website Or Business?”

You want to make sure that you are not sounding too salesy in your press release because their intention is to give a person information and breaking news rather than a sales promotion for your product. You can use a sales page for that matter.

You want your headline to do one major accomplishment for you… engage the reader to keep on reading.  Take time with your headline and think wisely about how you word it.

After your headline, it is time to start developing the body of your press release.  In the first paragraph you want to inform them about the basics and give some brief info about your future product launch, business venture, important news, an upcoming event, etc.

Although you want to highlight the basics, you don’t want to dive into major details just yet.  This will come later.  Your main goal is to make sure that you give your reader just enough information to keep them reading and keep their attention.

2-3 paragraphs into the press release is where you want to go into more detail about the topic of your press release. This could include quotes provided by others involved or people associated with your what your press release is about.

You could also display your 5 W’s… Who, What, When, Where, and Why.  This is also a good press release format that you can use if you are planning an event or something like that.

Make sure you are including important keywords that are related to your topic so that when you distribute your press release to other press release websites, it can be easily accessed through search engines with that particular keyword in mind. Just like in regular content such as blog posts and articles, keywords are very important and should not be left out.

Finally, you have your conclusion portion of your press release.  In your conclusion you want to include a brief summary about your business and a bit of a background when it comes to your knowledge in that particular area.

This will ensure the reader that you are a credible source and gets them clicking through to wherever it is you are wanting them to go.  You can also touch on what you intend to do or goals that you have set for your business and it’s existence in the online world.

You don’t want to drag your conclusion out, make sure that you keep your conclusion to no more than 5-6 lines.

After ending your press release you want to make sure that you include all of your contact information so that potential customers, media, etc. can contact you to answer questions about your press release that they might have or other concerns that they might have for you.

Include a link to your business website so that potential customers can click through and view your actual site to gain a little more information about you, your products, and your business as a whole.

The guidelines listed above are guidelines that need to be followed so that you have a well formatted and professionally created press release. It is also a wise idea to brainstorm your topic before starting your press release.  Find the key topics that you will be discussing and make 3-5 points for each sub topic.

This way, when you actually start creating your press release, you already have the main layout of how your press release needs to be created, which will save you a ton of time when it comes to actually creating your press release.

After you have created your press release, check for any grammatical errors or spelling errors.  This is a big turnoff to readers and will have them clicking off more than clicking on what you are trying to send them to.  You may also want to think about hiring an editor to make sure that everything is perfect. You can find one on sites such as Elance, Upwork, or Fiverr for an inexpensive price.

If you still find it difficult to create your very own press release, you can opt into press release writing services.  Although they can be a bit pricey, many business owners find it to be very convenient and well worth the money to get a well written and correctly formatted press release for maximum positive exposure to the media.

Here is where I go over more in detail about these specific services.

As long as you put your mind to it, you can accomplish creating your very own press release for your business’ up-to-date news, future product launches, or the opening of your business.

Here is an example of a press release template and one that should be followed the next time that you decide to create your very own beneficial and effective press release:

press release guidelines

►This is your introduction or opening paragraph to your press release. Here’s where you briefly answer the Who, What, When, Why, and How of the story. Plus, add a little spin to it.

►This is the body. Here you can incorporate the details in the 5 W’s – Who, What, When, Where, and Why.  Tell them everything they need to know about the news you’re talking about – in the order of its importance. Remember to keep it short and sweet, no longer than a page and include quotes if you can.

►This is your summary or conclusion which is also referred to as a boilerplate. This paragraph should be included at the end of every press release. Tell them a little bit about your company, how long it’s been around, who it serves, and what it does.

Just a side note: I was a business owner for several years before I actually incorporated my business. My journey was somewhat equivalent to that of a starving artist per se. I say this to say that if you want to be taken seriously, please incorporate your business. It can only benefit you and will cost you about a hundred bucks. Just search online for the state office that handles business registration as soon as you can.

Here’s what the end should look like:

press release info

After you’ve done all of the above, you’ll be ready to submit press releases. Always remember to edit and check everything 3 times before submitting.




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