The answer to why you should be testing and tracking ads with google analytics are quite obvious. Ad campaigns are an investment. You always want to measure the (R.O.I) for a number of reasons. No business has one type of ad going out to the world.  Just like there are different forms of marketing, there are different forms of ads that represent a business.

No matter what type of ad you decide to use and where, you always want to know what’s working better and best. This narrows down what you should keep and what you should kick to the curb so that you aren’t wasting any money.


Different Types of Advertising:

Emails/Direct Response
Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook)
Media (Television and Radio)

I recently read this awesome article from The James Group about advertising campaigns that sell.


Ads work differently.

As a business owner and/or entrepreneur, it’s totally worth it to know which ads are working the best for the sake of your business growth. You can do this via split testing.

Split testing is pretty simple. I did this recently with a dark post on Facebook.

I set up my ad via the Power Editor, uploaded my audiences for targeting and let the ad run a couple days before tweaking pieces of it to see if any changes would help with conversions.

Sometimes a simple sentence can be re-worded and make a HUGE difference in your CTR. Facebook has their own analysis reports for you to view the performance of your ads.


Tracking and your customers.

Your target audience is what matters the most. Let’s look at McDonald’s advertising for a minute. Since I have a small child in the household, I have the Nickalodeon channel turned on almost always. McDonald’s has commercial designed just for little kids to look at.

Now if I turn to a more urban channel they will have a commercial more suited for that type of audience. It might have some hip hop singing in it or something of that nature to get the attention of the people who watch that channel.

So, while one of your ads may be effective on younger adults or teens, another could be effective on mature adults.  You can refine the content of your ad via segmentation.


Save your money!

Don’t go throwing away cash by running a campaign not knowing if it works or not. This is what amateurs do and it would be a complete waste of time and money. Test the waters to see if it is effective for your business. You will find that your business will have better times than others. All businesses have highs and lows.

Testing and tracking ads with google analytics will help you figure out these times. You will know which ads are most effective during a specific season.  Ultimately, you can take measures to prepare for your business during slow season.

There are options available, but trying google analytics will get the job done just fine.

Simple enough, you can start out using google analytics to track all of your ad campaigns. It’s FREE and not complex at all. If you are using WordPress, all you have to do is copy and paste the code in the appropriate spot on your blog, and you’re all set up.  The code looks something like this: UA-XXXXX-Y.


What does Google Analytics track?

Google analytics has the ability to not only assist you with tracking ads, but it also tracks anything from leads, to comments, to downloads on your website. For more information and other tracking goals, click here. Many people use it to track the amount of visitors that are coming to their site.

track ad campaigns

What does Google Analytics show?

Well, google analytics can show many things such as site visits, page views, bounce rate, the average time on a site, pages per visit, visitor loyalty, length of visit, percentage of new visits, and much more. 

It’s definitely worth getting if you have some specific goals for your site and you want to know how those goals are measuring out.  Here’s a brief snapshot of after I posted to another blog recently:

track ad campaigns This is how it shows the traffic coming to the site on certain days.  You get an “on point” analysis of the visits on your site.

track ad campaigns If you want, you can start tracking ads with google analytics to see what’s working for ALL of your sites (including landing pages), especially if you own niche sites or review sites. You might just have a few different blogs like me, but whatever the case, it’s a good idea to start using it right away.

I’ve actually just started using it on another blog but I’m looking forward to utilizing all the other options that are available and not just tracking ads, traffic, and campaigns. However you decide to use it, will surely be a benefit to you and your business.

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Cheryl J. Moses is the founder of Online Marketing ROI and New Eminence.




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