Update: I just started taking a video marketing course by Alun Hill and so far it’s awesome. I’ve only watched a few videos as he outlines what to do with each component (title, tags, keywords, description box, etc.). But one thing that hasn’t sunk in until now, is optimizing the description area. I won’t spill the beans on all his secrets (it’s a $499 course) but one nugget that I took away thus far is that the more text you have in the description area, the better it is for Google to read it and find your video. It has to be optimized with keywords of course for this to happen. So if you want to put an entire blog post in the description box, (or maybe a portion) go right ahead. Just make sure you have keywords a few times throughout (without sounding spammy).


My Lead System Pro better known as MLSP, has THEE best marketing system on the web.  I can’t tell you how many valuable webinars and videos I’ve been on with this system.  Since I decided to start back up with doing some video marketing for my biz (I was really slacking last year), I tuned in to a webinar presented by Mark Harbert who has exploded his business with video and spilled the beans with some great video marketing tips.

What I learned from this webinar, is that video marketing is easy if you do it the right way.  Just imagine how many sales you could make off of 2 to 5 minute videos.  Now imagine getting 30-40 leads a day and 36 signups from just one video….with NO advertising costs! Mark is living proof that it is definitely not impossible.  He has shown us that there is no limit to the amount of profit you can gain from just one video.

Here are a few of the tips Mark shared on the webinar:


Keywords are important in your content, title, and description of your video. Make sure you put the keyword in the file name for your videos.  Use https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool or https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool.

The description of the video should be 4 to 5 sentences with your keywords throughout. Remember to always put your capture page link at the beginning of the very first part of your description and at the end.

Time Stamps

Optimize time stamps with your keywords to help with the search in YouTube.
1:34- How to explain your opportunity
2:18- How to close the deal
2:54- How to deal with rejection
3:26- How you can benefit from this marketing platform

If you don’t know much about time stamps or how to use them, check out the video below.


Backlinks drive traffic to your videos, websites, blogs, etc. You can use a service such as Tribepro to provide backlinks for your videos. In order to get the full effect of Tribepro, you have to couple it with Onlywire. These are powerful tools because they allow other people to share your links to people in their network aka syndication. For a more cost effective way to do this, you might look into finding someone on Fiverr. For those who don’t know, Fiverr is where people provide services for just about anything for only $5. Type in “Backlinks” in the search bar on Fiverr and choose one of the top 3 according to ratings.

What to talk about

Sometimes we get stuck trying to find useful information to put in a video. Don’t get hung up on this too much because you might talk yourself out of doing it. You can look within your niche to find some inspiration. Some suggestions for this would be:



-product reviews


These are just a few suggestions and I’m sure you can brainstorm to figure out some things that you think your target audience would be interested in.

Call to Action

VERY important! Make sure you tell people what to do at the end of your video. You could say something like: Click the link below to start implementing FREE marketing strategies that will explode your business. http://cnotez78.limitlessleadsforlife.com/

Other Video Sources:
Google Video

These video marketing tips are just a few of many that I will continue to learn (I’m always a student) and will be implementing in my own business. Are you using video to market your business? What other video marketing tips do you have? I’d love to hear them 🙂

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