It’s ideal that you would want to know who is visiting your site and how to effectively communicate with them. I once heard a successful business owner say…”if you’re not tracking everything you put out there, you’re doing business like an amateur.”

Some of us are still in the trenches with our business for sure, but success follows success and that includes getting to know the people who are interested in what you have to offer. This information can give you insight on the best forms of communication to give.

Simply knowing which pages on your site people find interesting or not, can tell you what kind of audience you’re attracting and it can even tell you a thing or two about what they are thinking when they arrive on your site.

There are many ways to figure this website traffic stuff out, but here are a few to you started on the right foot about who your visitors are. inc


I’m talking about bounce rates, return rates and length of stay. These stats will tell you a lot about what people are thinking about your content.

If you have a lot of traffic on your pages and they end up leaving right away, then you’re probably not catching their attention and a few things may need to be tweaked.

Now if you are getting a lot of website traffic and they land on certain pages and stay for a longer period of time, then that probably means that your visitors enjoy your content and are staying for that reason.

Also, if MOST of your visitors just visit once and never come back, then that would probably mean your content isn’t really appealing to your customers. Those who are interested will more than likely return often. Using a free tool such as Google Analytics will help you to keep track of all of these stats. Nobody wants to be in the dark about what’s good for their business and what isn’t.


What keywords are people typing in to get to your site? Better yet, what keywords are you using to drive website traffic? Keywords are an important part if not thee most important part of getting traffic. You can do your keyword research by using the free tool, Google Keyword Planner

Let’s say you run a finance website, but you find out through research that most of the traffic in this niche uses keywords related to refinancing credit cards. It would be a no brainer to do some articles or posts about credit card refinancing with the keyword throughout your content.

The keywords people use to get to your site can tell you a lot about what kind of information people are looking for when they come to your site. Take a look at other high traffic sites in your niche and see what keywords they are using. This will give you some great ideas on what to use for your own site.


Let your website speak to you. Find out which pages on your site get the most traffic, this will tell you what kind of information people are most interested in. Understand the importance of this because if a page is often referred to or revisited a number of times, that probably means it’s the kind of content that your visitors want to see more of. It’s all about results, so continue to do what works.

Traffic Sources.

This is almost like being a website detective, but it’s all for the good of your business. Looking over your website traffic sources on a regular basis is essential. Where are people coming from? That’s a good question. A good way to find this out is to have a free offer for people who visit your site.

They will give you their name and email address in exchange, then you can start to build a relationship. Simply have them fill out a short questionnaire, maybe 3 or 4 questions and ask them how did they hear about you. You can also find out what they want to know more about by asking them on the questionnaire.

People want their voices to be heard so this is a great way to show that you care about what THEY want.

Now if a lot of people are coming from direct type-in traffic, that probably means your online and offline marketing techniques are working quite well.

When you find out what is working, you can put more time and energy into making it work even better instead of wasting it on the stuff that isn’t working.

These are just a few ways to use your website analytics and data to figure out how your site is doing in terms of who your visitors are and what they want to receive.

Make sure you are staying on top of this and review this data regularly. It can change quite a bit in just a short period of time.


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Cheryl J. Moses is an Internet Marketing expert and founder of Online Marketing ROI. She is also the author of Beyond the Break Room: Start-Up Tips for Your Home Based Business available on Amazon Kindle.

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