Traffic is the name of the game in online marketing. Without traffic generation, you simply don’t have a business. After you

have mastered most or all of the ways to get website traffic, the next step is turning that traffic into leads.

For now, we will stick to looking at 9 different ways to get website traffic.


1. Share your content on your Facebook wall and in groups.

This is as simple as it sounds. It’s something that works and will surely get instant website traffic. It doesn’t take a

tremendously amount of effort and it is a great start. Just be sure that you aren’t spamming Facebook. You can set up your

posts in Hootsuite for automation, or post manually throughout the day. Either way, as long as you are getting eyeballs on

your content, that’s what counts.


2. Have a Twitter contest.

Make sure you know the guidelines before having any type of contest. This is a good way to get people connected and

share information while still getting more website traffic. Retweets help in this area a lot so grabbing as much attention as

you can, will definitely be beneficial.


 3. Make videos.

You can post videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc., and have them link back to your site. This adds

more sources of traffic and will also be a platform for viral video marketing. Don’t just upload your videos to YouTube. Use

Oneload to upload your video to multiple sites all at once.


4. Make a video go viral.

If you are creative enough to think of a funny way to make a viral video, do it! It’s a great way to get instant traffic and get

noticed. This can lead to hundreds if not thousands of hits which makes for a good chance at getting a lot of leads.


 5. Optimize your site for search engines.

Ah, the infamous search engine optimization!

If you optimize your website for search engines, you can gain more traffic from people who are searching the web with

those keywords. This is a powerful tool that should always be considered and will lead to a lot of website traffic. Use

Google Adwords Keyword tool which is now called Google Planner, to look up keywords for your content. You want to

make sure your keywords are targeting your ideal audience.


6. Keep posting consistently.

Let’s back up for a minute.

You posted on your blog and nothing happened.

This is typical confusion for newbies more than it is for seasoned blog owners.

Posting your website consistently, will lead to more people seeing the content that you make. No, it doesn’t happen

overnight but over time you will start seeing amazing results. The key is not to quit because the results aren’t coming quick



7. Stay up to date on current events.

This is a cool strategy. Posting about current events can be a great traffic tool because people will be searching for news

on a daily basis. If you aren’t quite sure of what to write about, visit sites like the Huffington Post, USA Today, or even

Yahoo! to find different topics.

You can also use Google Search to type in specific keywords to target certain information. Pick a topic and then curate

content on that topic to bring in lots of traffic.


8. Get as much back links as possible.

Article marketing is great for this. You can write articles, spin them, and submit them to multiple article directories with a

link back to your website. “Spinning” is simply taking the content from one article and writing it several different ways so

that it isn’t duplicate content.

You can use a software for this such as The Best Spinner and SubmitEaze for submission to hundreds of directiories. You

can also put links in your signature on forums for forum marketing and in your emails.


9. Do some offline promotion.

There’s always the Yellow Pages and offline publications. You can put your website URL on business cards and direct

mail marketing materials as well. Word of mouth is and has always been the best form of offline marketing. Tell your

friends and family about your business and I’m sure they will spread the word.

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Cheryl J. Moses is the founder of OnlineMarketingROI and New Eminence.





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