What does it mean to be fearless?

Being fearless is to be brave, unafraid, dauntless, and audacious, just to name a few.

According to the dictionary, it means “possessing or displaying courage; able to face and
deal with danger or fear without flinching.”

Now that we know what it means to be fearless, the question is “how do we get to this point?”


Well, what I’ve learned over the years is that you can’t hold on to fear and faith at the same time. They are opposites that do not attract. And the more your faith grows, the more any fear that you may have will diminish.

I won’t get on my soapbox about it because it is all quite obvious and it’s been said many times, but at some point you just have to trust your gut and press forward, through fear, through doubt, and through the unknown.

I made a connection with someone a few years ago for a book I was writing to publish on Amazon. I reached out to her with the intention of getting her expertise on a subject and to contribute that expertise to my book. She agreed.

Making that connection led to a referral of doing some custom design work for a workshop facilitator. I was gladly willing to do this, since I love designing so much.

When I contacted this person, I didn’t quite get what he wanted to accomplish with his project and I put off contacting him back.
My thought was “I’ll just email him back in the morning after I figure this out.” Bad move.

Now, logically, I should have just asked for clarification. But noooo, I decided that I was going to figure this thing out and contact him when I got good and ready. By doing it this way, I lost the opportunity as it was given to someone else to complete. 

 Here are the Lessons I Learned:

1. Opportunities don’t wait for anyone, no matter how good you are or think you are.

If you want it bad enough, you’ll go after it without the fear of rejection. The worst thing that could happen is it won’t work out and you’ll have to move on to the next open door. 

2. Making connections can lead you to plenty of opportunities, some good and some that aren’t a good fit.

Everything that glitters, is not gold. Weed out what doesn’t fit you or your business. There are plenty more opportunities that will come up later on if you make room for them. And you can always create your own opportunities if you choose to. Be patient.

3. If you don’t know the answer, the most sensible thing you can do is ask questions. 

Figuring things out on your own can be draining and pointless, especially if the answers are an email or phone call away.

4. Preparation.

As a professional, it’s imperative to stay ready. If you believe in your work and the value or quality that it holds, be ready for whatever comes your way. As time goes on, your skills will be well developed and it will be like second nature anyway.

Even in your doubt, do your best. You can still shine whether you know a little bit or all of it. I’ve learned to tackle things without knowing every single detail, because I trust myself.

When I put out my first training course, I didn’t know how people would receive it or if it would be as good as some of the other courses I’ve seen. I did it anyway and still got over 850 students enrolled.

Pushing through doubt made it possible to reach the other side. It made me grow stronger in my faith. Your core beliefs are everything. If you sustain it without wavering, imagine all of the things you can achieve, how many lives you can change with your uniqueness. Now imagine it coupled with being fearless.

So, what’s holding you back? What fears are standing in between where you are and where you desire to be in your life and business?

Is it a fear of:

  • Failure
  • Being misunderstood
  • Taking the risk
  • The unknown (like it was for me)

No matter what it is, you have the power to push through. Set up a (no cost) strategy session with me to move forth in your next steps, without overwhelm or frustration. Go to http://bit.ly/ThriveDigital to schedule it now.

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